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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Soviet Government Reads Citizens Private Mail?

Ooops, Russia is a Free Country Now
It's the USA under George Bush that is Totalitarian

What an amazing time we live in now. Just a couple years ago I worried whether to go with E*trade or Ameritrade for the lowest fees on my high-flying stock trade fees.
Now I spend more time wondering if the United States is more like Nazi Germany or the USSR under Stalin.
What a difference 18 months can make!
The Bush government is going to be opening and reading your snail mail letters from grandma. Heck, they are already reading all your emails, and recording all the websites you nasty 'citizens' look at.

They monitor everything you check-out from the library (thought police). They arrest people without a warrant, no lawyer, no phone call, and damn sure no pesky judge to be involved.

When you leave your home, the US government can break into your house, search it, bug it, copy your computer or anything else they want, and then leave.. never telling you they were ever there. And the clincher? NO pesky judge involved either! Comes complete with a cute American totalitarian name.. 'Sneak and Peak'.

A TIPS program for millions of 'citizens' to spy on fellow Americans, better than any communist East German Stassi could have dreamed of.

If you are fortunate enough to get an attorney in this new Bush United States, John Ashcroft has no problem tape recording your conversations with the pesky 'law' person.

Forget the Geneva Convention, we prefer to torture our prisoners here in the United States under Bush.. can't be bothered with any pesky thing like the Geneva Convention.

Same goes for the World Court of Law, and heck, for that matter, the United States under George Bush does not adhere to ANY world agreements or treaties.

But! Just like Hitler, Bush proclaims everyone else to do as he says not as he does!
Sooo, if some other country decides they don't like the rules WE don't like... well, well..

We will KILL you! And we will KILL your leader and everyone in your country, take all you money, take your resources and then take any other property you have Bush might want.

We are now living under George Bush's 'New World Order'!

Aren't you proud to be an American?!

Hitler and Stalin would be proud... hell, they would be jealous!!


Act Would OK Snail Mail Searches

Postal Service's lobbyists are fighting for Americans' privacy rights -- and opposing a bill in Congress that would allow U.S. Customs agents to open any internationally-mailed letter or parcel for almost any reason.


Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Congress' most ardent libertarian. "Please say no to unconstitutional searches and unaccountable government, and say yes to liberty and constitutional government "


"this would be the first time since Ben Franklin created the Postal Service that seizure and searches, without warrants, of outbound international mail would be allowed."

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