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Friday, September 27, 2002



What to do when the Facts and the Law don't matter.
(do they ever ? )

In a message dated 9/26/2002 2:18:37 PM US Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Dear Friends:
> I am pleased to report a stunning reversal of fortunes. It seems the
> idiots who run Attorney discipline really thought I would consent to
> jursidiction for their stakeburning- I did show up of course to serve
> them with a federal lawsuit (didn't want to violate the terms of my
> "furlough" from my illegal jailing).
> Below is letter sent in response to Dr Lawrence Agee, a physician who
> endured similar trials
> The time is ripe to start putting together the mother of all class
> actions based on our unconstitutional attorney discipline system and
> visiting judge system with Tom Moyer as lead defendant. Another case
> should be brought by female attorneys targeted by these out of control
> GOB members. As I ponder things it occurs to me my suspension was never
> legal (no hearing-no process etc) thus I still am a lawyer. What would
> the Supremes do if confronted with a class action suit filed by several
> hundred citizens all claiming that Elsebeth Baumgartner is our
> lawyer-you moroons didn't suspend her because your actions were void due
> to lack of jurisdiction (no competent witness)! Why we can even use my
> case as a count in the case because my clients were all harmed by the
> suspeension of their lawyer. (Scratch that I would have to testify)
> Think of it there has to be thousands of plaintiffs harmed by visiting
> judges and non-existent enformcent of the disciplianry rules and
> billions in damages. It's time to start earing a living off of our
> talents while getting even with these crooks. We can start a virtual
> law firm with people having a stake in cases because they are class
> members. Moreover the body of forensic legal work we have collectively
> assembled is enormous and marketable. I know as an attorney I would
> love to be able to buy competitive intelligence on my adversary and or
> my judge. We have extraordinary skill sets out there that if organized
> would make us a formidable force
> Just some ideas legal corruption fans!
> Else Baumgartner
> Dear Lawrence:
> Thanks for the e-mail. They sprung me from jail for a 2.5 day furlough
> to prepare for the Salem WitchTrial aka my disbarment hearing. This was
> timed to allow me to show up for a public humilitaion of the highest
> order but no time to obtain subpoenas for my witnesses or to prepare
> exhibits and the like. WHAT A DEAL!
> However I am pleased to report the most delicious turnabout in my case.
> I have endured a state supported onslaught for as long as I could. My
> goal was to capture as many miscreants in my web (both state and federal
> (I am 6 feet tall with long legs that used to run with the wind- one of
> my child hood nicknames was Spider before moving this thing inot the
> federal courts. Obviously the jailing took this to a new extreme and it
> was time to make my play.
> The furlough provided me with just enough time to file:
> a) A Petition for a Protective Order In this Motion I list just some of
> the case filings made over the past 18 months by me detailing a pattern
> of corrupt activity within law enforcement, and the judiciary. Lucky
> for me the Fed jusges held a lovely private meeeting to strip me of my
> license to practice in Federal court without a Hearing and no record on
> March 11, 2002. At that meeting African American Krista Harris testifed
> to her sexual enslavement by Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter, his
> suborning perjury, his involvement with drugs, theft in office etc.
> Made quite the impression, as one federal judge defended him and his
> lawyer pals who filed the original grievance against me after I busted
> them for case fixing in one of my cases.
> b) A Civil Rights case naming all my tormentors in Erie and Ottawa
> counties. (20 in all-with a few more to be added by Amendment
> The good news is I have now managed to conflict out the majority of
> disreputable judges in the Northern District of Ohio leaving only some
> very fine jurists to be assigned to my cases. Both of my cases were
> assigned to the Hon. Solomon Oliver a very well regarded jurist on civil
> rights cases. These battles are won through attrition-the last person
> standing wins!
> I filed these cases at 10:00AM today just as my stake burning was
> getting started. (The one I was released form jail to attend) At
> 10:15AM I received a call from Lori Brown aka Larry Brown the lead
> persecutor in my bar complaint. Where are you she screeched into the
> phone (a common occurence when ever I out flank her). Why Lori how
> nioce to hear from you, but of course I will appear, I just detained
> because I filed a federal lawsuit and requested an injunction and
> protective order due to national secutiry interests in my case and
> threats to me and my witnesses. I coming over right now to serve you, my
> panel chair Michael Murman and your boss the lead apologist for crooked
> judges Jonathan Coughlan Disciplinary Counsel for Ohio. In addition to
> these bastions of legal integrity I sued the judge who jailed me, the
> Sheriff, the prosecutor and many more for conspiracy to violate my
> rights.
> As I strode to the courtroom, the force of my personality parted the
> waiting public official witnesses/theives/liars (the witnesses were all
> theirs my subpoenas never issued) I came into the courtroom and was
> greeted by my panel chair Mike Murman and attorney with you're late. I
> served the parties and replied no this is not a court, because you have
> no jurisdiction. He ordered me to sit down, and I firmly and levellly
> replied no-you have no jurisdiction-turned on my heals and left the
> court room. Loud gasps aroundI I was then followed by 5 deputy sheriffs
> nervously whispering about whta to do with me but not arrested because
> they have no jurisdicition. As I left the courthouse the security guard
> (another deputy sheriff) appeared amused as I told him I was going to be
> in and out fast with some subpoenas and there would be some angry
> lawyers.
> It was liberating and the look on these power crazed bureacrats/lawyers
> priceless as the realization of the judge assigned and federal court
> sunk in and they knew their case fixing days over.
> Yes the GOB (goverment organized bastards) days are numbered in Ohio. A
> multi millionaire filed a federal law suit alleging the justices are
> selling justice and fixing cases. (The Canton Repository 9-24-02 State
> and Court News) That means there is one more mentally ill attorney out
> there besides me. My arrest has caused a demographic shift in public
> sentiment and even the local newspaper is writing fair commmentary and
> some local retired judges and medical doctors crying foul-I'm being
> abused.
> That makes two federal fronts they have to fight. Finally David Palmer
> of Columbus won a major victory at the Tenth Appellate District. The
> Supremes were ordered to produce public records that will in all
> likelihood lead to charges of federal income tax evasion being lodged
> against them. That makes three legal fronts and the big RICO theories
> that will bankrupt these judicial criminals have yet to be played. My
> sources tell me insureres pull pulbic officials bonds after the second
> lawsuit and the official is forced to resign. I agree that these civil
> rights abuses were never intended to be protected by judicial immmunity.
> By definition breaking the rules means one is acting extra-judicially
> and therefore outside the scope.
> Oddly, my 5.5 days in jail only made me stronger. My faith in God
> enhanced, my confidence increased as I know I can take whatever they
> dish out and the rightousness of my cause made apparent to others due to
> their draconion measures. I received clear messages from jail staffers
> that they want to clean house too. Everywhere I go the working people
> (clerks, court reporters, low level officers) secretly support my
> efforts. I do believe we have hit critical mass in Ohio and the
> infrastructure is collapsing.
> Best regards to you, and please forward my letter as you see fit because
> I am horrible about maintaining my communications infrastructure.
> Elsebeth Baumgartner
> -----Original Message-----
> From: []
> Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 5:41 PM
> To:
> Subject: hi
> i heard what they did to you. i am outraged. i would like to speak to
> you or communicate you when you can talk or write. you were very smart
> to decline the offer of the board to be "evaluated" as this is a setup.
> as it stands, if the judge "diagnosed you" then i think there is
> liability. practicing medicine without a him to the
> board of medical practice, and the law board, and the psych board. sue
> him for wrongful diagnosis and make him eat his words. sue him under the
> ADA. this crap needs to stop. i think there is a constitutional
> challenge to the immunity if they are using it to violate citizens
> constitutional rights, to violate the first amendment, the right to
> speak freely, the right to criticize govt, the right to medical privacy.
> we also must attack these labels as the disclosure is violation of civil
> rights. lawrence agee
For updates on the Judicial Attack on Baumgartner see...
Kennedy"s Hotseat4Judges website

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