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Saturday, September 21, 2002

War on Terror

Subject: Fighting the War On Terror: The Right Way
Date sent: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 02:16:12 -0500

"I'm much more likely to suffer from this variety of government
"domestic terror" than I ever am likely to be killed over my
ethnicity, or have my property burned down because some radical
thinks my farm is endangering species, or thinks I am tyrannizing my free
range chickens. I am also much more likely to fall victim to the terrorism
of the federal government as a political dissident than I am to be caught
in an Osama Bin Laden inspired attack. So tell me once again, so I can get
it straight. Whom should I really be fighting in the War On Terror? What
enemy should I be planning to shoot at? What attack should I really be
preparing for? Some guys who live half way around the world? Or a federal
agent? "

"Mohamed Atta and his cousin Marwan Ashehri were actually American
citizens, a fact which is probably one of the most heavily suppressed
facts about 9-11. Seven of the hijackers also trained at U.S. military
schools, another fact conveniently omitted by government and press alike."

Liz Michael


Fighting the War On Terror: The Right Way
by Liz Michael
Release September 20, 2002
Now that the 9-11 anniversary remembrances have occurred, after the
heart wrenching stories have been told, we are told that we Americans have
a duty, on behalf of those who were killed, to bring those killers
justice. The act of bringing those murderers justice has been dubbed "The
War On Terror".

But it is not as simple as, "go to country X, and kill everybody".
This war will have a lot of covert enemies as well as overt. And some of
those enemies are pretty close to home.

But war fever, macho jingoism, and waving flags is not the be all and end
all of 9-11. There is much more that we must do to honor the 9-11
casualties than catching, trying, and killing their killers. If we are to
truly honor those who died, we have a duty to honor them, by living our
lives as they lived theirs. And if we are willing to go 180 degrees around
the globe to thwart terrorists, then we need to eliminate them on our own
soil as well.

Why did those people die?
Most of the people who died at the World Trade Center were engaged in the
commerce of the United States, and the commerce of the world. They were
engaged in profit. Making money. Promoting the trading of goods, and with
it a higher standard of living for all world traders. In other words, free
enterprise. Nobody says this. There is the contention that these people
were in the proverbial "wrong place at the wrong time". Nothing could be
further from the truth. The 9-11 attackers knew what building they were
striking. It wasn't the welfare office, the post office, the tourism
office, the Israeli embassy, or even for that matter the United Nations.
And they were not just striking a "symbol" of capitalism. They could have
done that on a late night flight when the building was empty. If they
wanted to attack "symbols" they could have attacked the Statue of Liberty.
No. They intentionally struck a building full of people they knew full
well were engaged in free enterprise.

So let me repeat that, and sear it into your brain. Most of the
people who died at the World Trade Center died because they were
engaging in free enterprise.

And this is to say nothing of the passengers of all four planes, most of
whom were also engaged in free enterprise, and the reasons most of the
passengers were flying that morning were business related. Moreover,
firefighters and police officers specifically present to conduct a rescue,
died when the towers fell on them. These people died serving their
community. Whatever wrong you might think police officers do in the course
of their business, on this day, they were not serving illegal warrants, or
writing traffic tickets, or beating up a suspect, or confiscating
someone's guns. This day, they were doing their sworn constitutional duty.
And they died because of it. Accordingly, if we are to honor the 9-11
casualties, we should also respect and support firefighters and law
enforcement officers doing their constitutional duty. But only when they
are doing their constitutional duty. More on that later.

The attack on the Pentagon killed everyday soldiers serving their
country. I don't care what you think of the politicians who often
wage war for economic cause instead of national defense. I don't care
whether you think the military brass is corrupt. This wasn't the brass for
the most part. These were the rank and file military, and they died
because they were serving in the United States military and for no other

Flight 93 and the dreaded "M" word
Additionally, those who died on Flight 93, which crashed in
Shanksville Pennsylvania, were engaged in another form of patriotism.
According to reports, when these brave souls had heard through
communications from the outside that it was likely their hijacked plane
was to be used as a guided missile against some undefined American target,
they banded together and formed an unorganized militia unit.

Yes, I said the M word. Militia. Which is not a bunch of rednecks in
cammies in the wilderness doing survivalist training... not that there's
anything WRONG with that... no, the Militia, as George Mason stated, and
the founders concurred, is "the whole of the people". That's everybody,
armed and unarmed, attack force, surveillance and support. This
spontaneously formed militia, formed at that moment and for specific
purpose, the purpose being to retake the plane, succeeded in at least
thwarting the successful bombing of some unidentified but important
target, even though they were unable to save the plane and themselves.

These people on Flight 93 were in reality the second military
casualties of the War on Terror. Yes, military casualties. As far as I'm
concerned, they should be awarded full military honors and have a plaque
dedicated to them at Arlington National Cemetery. Because they performed
the first military response to this modern day Pearl Harbor. No, they
weren't sworn servicemen, as were the Pearl Harbor personnel and the
Pentagon victims. But they served the same purpose, in the same position,
being attacked, along with their nation being attacked, having to react
suddenly, and doing so, as bravely as any soldier or minuteman who ever
walked. They never "called" themselves the militia. They never registered
with the governor, or engaged in any formal training. Heck, they didn't
even have guns. They weren't allowed. But they served as a militia just
the same.

How do you honor these people?
So if you are to rightly honor the casualties of 9-11, you must
rightly honor free enterprise, service to community, and armed
service to your community and your country, be it the military, or be it
the unorganized militia. Moreover, these were free people, operating in a
free country, choosing life paths of their own free will. So if you are to
honor them, you must also honor freedom, and also civil liberties. This is
something that cannot and must not be forgotten.

Let me tell you how you do NOT honor them. You do NOT honor them by
assenting to whatever tyranny of the day some noodnik with a
government title decides is okay in the name of "Homeland Security". You
do not honor them with National ID cards, checkpoints on interstates,
harassment and molestation of air travelers, suspension of constitutional
rights in the name of security, or suppression of dissent. You do not
honor them with expansion of a socialist government, and especially not
expansion of a national socialist government. You do not honor them by
raising taxes and by supporting the terrorist tendencies of government
agencies like the IRS. You do not honor them by looking the other way when
a law enforcement official violates the constitution, or by looking away
when a judge sets himself up as God and abuses his authority, just because
they say they are keeping crime down. You do not honor them by supporting
your elected officials, even when they are wrong, even if they are evil.

And by doing all that, and waving flags and claiming to be patriotic, but
accepting the transition of the United States into Nazi Germany, you do
not honor them. You piss on their graves.

Everyone seems to have what I call "security mania". You hear it all over
the media. You hear pliant air travelers on camera willing to accept
damned near anything including rape in order to "be safe". And I have only
one thing to say to these security obsessed people.

Get the hell out of my country!!!
This country was not crafted to be safe. Our constitution was not
crafted as a document to guarantee security. The United States of
America was founded to establish not safety, but liberty. And the
"security of that free state" was to be entrusted, not to a bunch of
soldiers, or a bunch of jackbooted federal agents, or a bunch of cops, and
definitely NOT to a bunch of airport security flunkies. It was to be
entrusted to "a well-regulated militia", that selfsame "whole of the
people" I spoke of earlier. You do NOT honor the 9-11 casualties by being
secure. You honor them by being free. And by fighting for that freedom.
And by vanquishing whatever tyranny threatens that freedom, no matter the
source of that tyranny.

Why limit the War On Terror to Al Qaeda?
But if we are truly committed to the War on Terror, why should we
limit it to people half way around the world, and limit it to wearers of
the kefiyah or kufi? Why should not "domestic terrorists", and terrorists
who wear suits and ties, or jackets and t-shirts, be included as the enemy
in the War On Terror.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. When you hear "domestic
terror", you think of racist skinheads. Or you think of the Earth
Liberation Front. But the vast majority of domestic terror in the
U.S. emanates from one source: government.

Consider the sins of the American government and of the state and
local governments. From the murder of Vicki and Sammy Weaver, to the
holocaust of the Branch Davidians (who flew a shield of David as their
flag), to the fixed federal trials such as the one which probably unjustly
convicted Jim Trafficant, to the traffic court rackets, to the stealing of
children from happy families by Child Protective Services units, to the
everyday activities of the Internal Revenue Service, to the BATF setups of
gun owners on unconstitutional charges, to the regular suppression of
dissent by the Secret Service, first under Clinton, and now, much more
markedly, under Bush. And I could go on and on, to the latest craze of the
regular near sexual assault of airline passengers by some of the worst
vermin to occupy this country, the airport security personnel who suddenly
have been given a mere sniff of absolute power, and have gone stark raving

I'm much more likely to suffer from this variety of government
"domestic terror" than I ever am likely to be killed over my
ethnicity, or have my property burned down because some radical
thinks my farm is endangering species, or thinks I am tyrannizing my free
range chickens. I am also much more likely to fall victim to the terrorism
of the federal government as a political dissident than I am to be caught
in an Osama Bin Laden inspired attack. So tell me once again, so I can get
it straight. Whom should I really be fighting in the War On Terror? What
enemy should I be planning to shoot at? What attack should I really be
preparing for? Some guys who live half way around the world? Or a federal

The terrorists acts of the United States government
There are so many terrorist acts of the United States government I
cannot possibly name them all. But let me give a random sample, which I
will try and limit to people who are actually still alive... if I went
back to J. Edgar Hoover, I'd be here all day. The COINTELPRO program The
Ruby Ridge murders The likely assassination of White House Counsel Vince
Foster The Waco murders Deliberate withholding of evidence in the Timothy
McVeigh trial The FDA sacrificing AIDS patients for drug company profits
BATF armed terrorist raids of gun shops over technicalities Cover-up of
the Gulf War Syndrome by the government The abominable treatment our
government gives its veterans The cover up of the TWA800 incident, which
was probably a missile shootdown by either terrorists or our own navy The
assassination of Admiral Jeremy Boorda Government moves to mandate access
to encryption keys The Klamath Basin incident Apparent FBI indifference to
the probability that 7 of the 19 alleged 9-11 hijackers may still be alive
Secret court proceedings with sealed documents after the 9-11 incidents,
violating all due process Current harassment of air travelers by airport
security personnel The PATRIOT act, and several other acts designed
directly at chipping away civil liberties Attempts to eliminate Posse
Comitatus, opening up the United States for military takeover The FDA
endorsement of Cipro, an expensive antibiotic manufactured by Bayer, as an
anthrax antidote, to the exclusion of more commonly known and effective,
but cheaper, antibiotics The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act,
which essentially allows a state to use a health epidemic, real or
invented, to suspend not only their constitution and basic civil rights
and due process, but also allows for the creation of concentration camps
The federal moves at Point Reyes National Seashore to actually drive
residents out and destroy towns The Financial Action Task Force set up
under the auspices of the G7, designed to deny financial privacy worldwide
The unmitigated tyranny of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service as concerns
private property and states rights And this is just the tip of the
iceberg... The acts of terrorism by state and local governments The
assassination of four students at Kent State University The assassination
of Donald Scott The assassination of William Cooper The oppression by
several states of the Christie family and the ongoing attempt to steal
their children Commonplace eminent domain confiscation of homes of the
elderly Commonplace homeowner association harassment and confiscation of
homes Eminent domain confiscation to provide land for private business
interests Harassment of home businesses by municipalities Conspiracy of
municipalities to steal automobiles The mandatory insurance racket:
terrorism by bureaucracy for the benefit of the insurance companies Again,
the tip of the iceberg So what are we supposed to do with terrorists
again? So if we're supposed to kill terrorists in Afghanistan, and oppose
and invade countries who harbor them, what about the domestic terrorists
within our own government. What are we supposed to do to them?

Let's put this in its proper perspective. We have a duty to defend
free enterprise.
We also have a duty to oppose corporate fraud and corruption, of the
variety we have recently witnessed with Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, and
likely hundreds of other companies. And we have a duty to support law
enforcement when it is doing its constitutional duty. When they do that,
we should honor those brave men and women.

However, as much as we have that duty, we also have a duty to oppose law
enforcement when it steps out of that role, and instead, engages in
criminality or terrorism of its own. And like any other tyranny, we have a
responsibility to do more than just bitch and moan. Whether it is through
lawsuits, through media coverage, through criminal prosecutions, through
elections, or even through what we patriots refer to as the "Time Honored
Tradition". Criminality, tyranny and terrorism must be opposed, WHEREVER
it is found, WHOEVER is perpetrating it, in order to preserve liberty.

We should also honor politicians who do their constitutional duty.
And when I find some who are actually doing their duty and following the
constitution, I will let you know so you can honor them. It frankly would
be easier to find ten righteous men in Sodom.

Moreover, we should honor our military personnel by paying them a
living wage so they don't have to live on food stamps, care for the
sick and injured veteran with dignity, and promise to move heaven and
earth to return them home when they are captured by the enemy. Our
government has failed to do all of this.

And finally, we must also honor "the whole of the people" by
entrusting them with the security of the nation and the neighborhood. Gun
control, by its very premise, dishonors this "Whole of the People",
instead, casting a net of suspicion upon all people, all in the name of
security. Eternal vigilance means enabling the people to act as the
guardians of liberty. It does not mean creating a Snitch Nation, which is
what the TIPS program would have done, and is what most of the Fatherland
Security proposals do. This criminality, tyranny and terrorism must also
be opposed, WHEREVER it is found, WHOEVER is perpetrating it, by any means
necessary, in order to preserve liberty.

The questionable motives of the Bush War
Let me say this. I didn't like the Taliban. The Taliban were the
worst manner of tyrant on the face of the earth. However, I got the
distinct impression that the War On Terror was waged on the Taliban, not
because they were "bad guys", or "evildoers" in the Bush lingo. Nor do I
see the Taliban having been attacked because they were alleged to have
harbored Bin Laden. I was left with the impression that Afghanistan was
attacked because the Taliban refuse to share the region's oil with
American petroleum companies. Indeed, not six months prior to September
11, the Bush administration gave the Taliban $43 million dollars. In July,
2001, Osama Bin Laden met with the CIA and walked away. So howcomesit they
suddenly turn up as the heavy?

Moreover, Osama Bin Laden used to be a CIA asset. As Saddam Hussein
used to be an American ally. And of course, Iraq has oil fields to
exploit, too. So one has to ask if the specter of Iraqi nuclear
capability is real? Or a staged premise for invasion?

Who helped the 9-11 terrorists?
Which leads many people on both the left and right to come to at
least a suspicion that "maybe the government planned it all". Now I
don't really think the Bush administration planned 9-11. But I do
wonder if the stonewalling of prospective 9-11 investigations is
happening just because a few bureaucrats are covering their "assets"
because they were caught with their pants down. I wonder if the terrorists
actually had American help, and had it not from radical dissidents, or
ethnic or religious sympathizers, but had help from within the very
agencies such as the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, that are ostensibly
authorized to watch out for this kind of thing. I do wonder if these
agencies "laid down" because they knew they would get increased police
powers if they did.

Mohamed Atta and his cousin Marwan Ashehri were actually American
citizens, a fact which is probably one of the most heavily suppressed
facts about 9-11. Seven of the hijackers also trained at U.S. military
schools, another fact conveniently omitted by government and press alike.
As early as 1995, evidence had been garnered from associates of Ramzi
Youssef detailing Al Qaeda plans to use planes to fell skyscrapers. When
FBI agents tried to investigate the alleged "20th hijacker" Zacarias
Moussaoui this summer, their efforts were quashed from higher ups.

Additionally, one of the flight data recorders actually turned up
blank. That just doesn't happen without either someone on the inside
making sure it was never turned on, or someone after the fact erasing or
replacing the tape. Also, an Arab man arrested in New York as the airports
reopened, was wearing a pilot's uniform and in possession of some
identification not his own. He also had a reservation on a
transcontinental flight that didn't make it into the air on 9-11. Yet the
FBI, eager to detain so many and deny common civil rights for detained
prisoners to so many, claimed that this man had no links to the terrorist
act. And the INS for all intents and purposes has deported not one
immigrant from any country under suspicion of harboring Al Qaeda.

So many conspiracy theorists go out on very long limbs to try and
explain the 9-11 events, even going so far as to claim the planes
weren't really hijacked. But one really doesn't have to go very far
to find the facts that point to the possible involvement of the
American government.

War on domestic terrorists within our own government?
It is probable that elements of the government of the United States,
whether by organized design, or whether by willful failure to transmit
intelligence, coconspired to bring about the 9-11 attacks.

And if a War On Terror must be fought against the perpetrators of the 9-11
attacks, then that war must necessarily be fought not only against Al
Qaeda cells in far off lands. That war must also be fought against
numerous traitors within the United States government. And if we are to
say that those far off Al Qaeda cell members deserve to be killed, what
excuse do we have to not demand the same justice for members of the FBI,
the CIA, the IRS, the BATF, the TSA, or any other agency within this
country, whether they coconspired with the 9-11 perpetrators, or whether
they practice their common everyday terror against Americans.

When we have rooted out, tried, and hanged our own traitors within
our own governments, then, and only then, have we the right to
pronounce judgment on Osama Bin Laden, and on the likes of Saddam
Hussein. If that takes a bloody civil war on American soil, all I
have to say is, "Let's Roll".

Liz Michael has formed a committee to run for the U. S. Senate from
Arizona in 2004.
Copyright, 2002,, . Permission to
reprint granted so long as the website and the copyright remains
referenced. No exclusivity may be retained by any individual or press
entity which reprints.

posted by Vetzine


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