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Saturday, September 21, 2002

War on Women

Feminazi Nurse Refuses Nursing Mother Breast Pump

Nurse Ratchet is alive and well, working in a Wisconsin Jail


From: Suzanne Shell
Subject: Henson update
Date sent: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:33:47 -0600

Kay Henson reported today that the jail nurse refused to give her a
breast pump. She told Kay "Dry up, you baby is almost 9 months old."

Nursing mothers, are we going to stand for government officials telling us
how long to nurse our babies? I nursed my children for a minimum of 12
months. Clearly, Kay's baby is not ready to be weaned and this forced
weaning against the will of both the mother and infant is brutal and
abusive. It appears the Stanford Prison Experiment is alive and well in
Delavan County, Wisconsin.

Apparently, Kay is being held in jail pending the new Parole Officer
obtaining a statement from Kay's husband, Slade. The Parole Officer, Kathy
and her supervisor have made multiple attempts to contact Slade today

According to probation, they have two videos of one child under six
crossing a street and one video of a six+ year old riding his bike and
wobbling and it was for this that Kay's probation was violated and she was
jailed. It is important to note that the children were being supervised. I
think somebody needs to GET A LIFE.

We anticipate that if anyone gets a hold of Slade, that the children will
be seized, for nothing more than playing outside in a residential

Visit the AFRA website hot spots link for Kay's complete story.
http://www. and for government contact

Suzanne Shell
American Family Advocacy Center

posted by Vetzine


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