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Saturday, September 21, 2002

War on Women

"Kay has still been denied a breast pump."


From: Suzanne Shell
Subject: Kay Henson still in jail
Date sent: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:19:57 -0600

The following press release (below) was sent out by AFRA regarding Kay Henson on Sept. 16.

It looks like Kay will be staying in jail until her revocation hearing on Oct. 14. A writ of habeas corpus was filed, heard and denied. The judge stated that if anyone can find case law that allows her release for her needing a breast pump, he would reconsider it.

She can receive mail at the following address:
Kay Henson
W4054 Highway NN
Elkhorn, WI 53121

Do not send stickers or lables (even return address lables).

CPS has an investigator looking into allegations of neglect against the Henson family and they have been attempting to contact Kay's husband, Slade. He is going into hiding with the children. He desperately needs money to assist with this endeavor. You can send him donations through Paypal ( and pay to Please, be generous.

I have received information that your messages to the governor are possibly being forwarded to the parole board who is considering Kay's application of a Waiver for Pardon. It is interesting to note that Wisconsin has an abundance of case law regarding the rights of parents to spank their children, however, ALL of it is unpublished. This is absurd. Citizens of Wisconsin need to be able to rely on prior precedents in order to protect them from abusive prosecution as has occurred in Kay's case. If these cases had been published, Kay could never have been criminally or civilly prosecuted for child abuse. Why must each family be forced to retry an issue that has already been resolved by Wisconsin appellate courts? It is a waste of taxpayer money and an abuse of power and authority. Send another message to the Governor about this appalling practice of unpublished decisions and abusive prosecutions at AND
Office of the Governor
115 East State Capitol
Madison, WI 53702
(608) 266-1212
Fax: (608) 267-8983
page to email
The jail has not been responsive to requests for information regarding telephone contact rules. I have been sent from one person to another and my calls have not been returned. I am still trying and will report back.

Kay has still been denied a breast pump.

Regarding the alleged videos (below) - nobody has seen them and they are not being made available to Kay, her attorney, her husband or me. We don't even know if there are any videos or if the children on them are Kay's children.

Kay's probation revocation hearing could provide us with an opportunity for a peaceful demonstration. If any are interested in participating, conact Leonard Henderson at . I am trying to make arrangements to attend as a media representative, and to video record the hearing.

Suzanne Shell
Director - American Family Advocacy Center

September 16, 2002

Walworth County, Wisconsin - The state of Wisconsin is escalating its tough-on-crime efforts against a stay-at-home mom, pastor�s wife and outspoken Family Rights activist who had pled no contest to simple battery for spanking her 10 year old son on his clothed bottom with her left hand. Kay Henson is in jail for the third time and telephone access to her attorney, her husband and her family advocate who holds her power of attorney has been blocked by jail officials. While in jail, this nursing mother has been callously denied repeated requests for medical treatment; she requires a breast pump to prevent breast engorgement, mastitis and infection. The jail nurse reportedly told her, �Dry up, your baby is almost 9 months old.�
Kay was placed on eighteen months supervised probation and forbidden to spank her children, with a court recommendation that the probation be terminated after six months of good behavior. A CHIPS petition was also filed in family court and her children were placed in foster care. In spite of her ex-husband Alan Cardella�s, alleged history of illegal drug use and distribution, domestic violence and a prior sex offense conviction, the children�s Guardian ad litem (GAL), Frank Lettenberger, recommended Kay�s two older children, including the 10 year old, be placed permanently with him.
Six months passed without incident, and the CHIPS case was closed over the objections of Lettenberger. Kay was unable to pay the $6000 ordered by the criminal court for her court appointed attorney, which is a violation of the terms of her probation.
Then Kay was invited to appear on a Warner Brothers talk show in New York City to talk about the issues surrounding her spanking cases. Probation Officer Eileen Haffey and Lettenberger objected to Kay discussing the case on national television, and Kay was denied permission to leave the state. Shortly after, Haffey violated Kay�s probation because she had a verbal argument with her fifteen year old daughter. She was released from jail after three days. Then, an anonymous hotline call to child protection about her children playing in the street prompted another violation and another two days in jail. No child neglect charges or petitions were filed, but this incident was the basis for a revocation of probation hearing scheduled for October 14, 2002.
Kay�s second incarceration resulted in an international outcry directed at Governor McCallum, Division of Community Corrections Administrator William J. Grosshans, and the Walworth County Probation office demanding accountability for their abuses and requesting a pardon for Kay. These offices were reportedly annoyed at the volume of emails and faxes received as well as her request for a pardon, and a concerted retaliation effort was initiated against Kay and her family.
Her house has been under video surveillance, and when her children are outside, or crossing the street, they have been video taped. Two incidents of an unidentified youngster crossing the street in this residential neighborhood and one incident of an unidentified six year old riding his bike and �wobbling� have been turned over to the probation department. These videos prompted her most recent incarceration for probation violation. Kay has been advised that if she can get her husband to make a statement that he was supervising the children during those incidents, that she will be released. Kay�s husband has gone into hiding with the children.
Family rights advocates view this as an attempt to obtain evidence to seize her children again. �They try to get the parents to rat each other out, and then use that to take the children away from both parents, regardless of the fact that these children are safe and happy,� said Suzanne Shell, Director of the American Family Advocacy Center. �If Kay�s children are seized a second time, they will never be returned to their parents. The agents of the state are very unhappy with her knowledge of the law and her activism, and this is the most effective way to control Kay, by hurting her children.�
�This is just another incident in APA�s long list of control of adult political behavior through the removal of children,� said Betty James, founder of Alienated Parent�s Association. �In this case, when they were unable to legally seize the children, they employed jail time for the same purposes.�
Leonard Henderson, founder of American Family Rights Association agrees, �Kay is not a menace to society. This escalation of force is absurd and proves she is nothing more than a political prisoner.�
The American Family Rights Association has Kay�s entire story chronicled at

The American Family Advocacy center is a private charity assisting families with Child Protective Services interventions. For further information, see or call 719-749-2971.

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