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Saturday, September 21, 2002

War on Women

Suzanne Shell
Subject: Kay Henson report
Date sent: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 13:32:48 -0600

It seems the media is showing the initial stirrings of interest in the Kay
Henson saga. I have been scheduled to appear on the Ken Hamblin (The Black
Avenger) radio show this afternoon at 3 PM Mountian time. You can listen
to his radio show at There is a toll
free call-in number for those who are interested in participating.

I have heard from Kay in Jail. According to a reliable source, the jail
has allowed breast pumps in the past AND they have allowed breast milk to
be sent out of the jail. Kay has been singled out for the this abusive
treatment and the associated willful, intentional infliction of pain and
suffering. One concerned woman has sent a breast pump to the jail for Kay.
Readers will remember that during Kay's last incarceration, they refused
to accept the 2 breast pumps brought by friends, stating they looked like
a 'bong.'

Kay's parole officer has been busy behind the scenes advising jail staff
that Kay is a horribly abusive mother who has had her children removed
multiple time - a verifiable lie. The jail staff has been particularily
harsh with her as was designed. The PO has also made a referral to CPS
about Kay's children being neglected because Kay is in jail. They are
'concerned' that Slade is not providing suitable day care for the children
while he is at work. CPs is trying to investigate this allegation. We all
know this to be the excuse to seize the children. For those who don't
know, the children spent a couple of months in foster care and came home
severely traumatized. One child went mute. The little ones scream to this
day when mom or dad leave, I've heard it when I've been on the phone with

Kay has no money in the commissary and does not want anyone to send her
money. She would prefer the money be sent to her husband to assist with
his keeping the children safe from CPS at Pay to

The jail is not providing toiletries or basic necessities and she does not
want to buy them. She has requested people to send envelopes with stamps
so she can correspond. If you want to know what the jail rules are
regarding what you can send, you can call the jail at 262-741-4580.
Her address is:
Kay Henson
W45054 Highway NN
Elkhorn, WI 53121

She makes daily written requests for telephone access to her attorney, her
husband (who is also her pastor), and her Family Advocate. She has been
told no, she would have to communicate via mail. She is also making daily
requests for a breast pump. She is not being allowed access to a law
library, either, and she is knowledgeable enough to know how to use one.
She is documenting everything thoroughly, after all, she has plenty of
time to do so.

We appreciate your efforts and participation in support of Kay and
parents everywhere. One reader is initiating a Justice Department
investigation into what's going on. Another has sent a breast pump and
will be keeping close tabs on what's going on inside.

Kay entire story is posted at

Suzanne Shell
Director, American Family Advocacy Center

posted by Vetzine


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