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Monday, October 28, 2002

The American Taliban
Winston Smith on Moslems in America

Will We Get A Moslem President?

"Those unaware are unaware of being unaware"--Merrill Jenkins, M.R.

"Here in America there are also three and one-half million indirect
believers in Islam, in the secret order called Shriners, or Higher
Masons. When you take the thirty-third degree in Masonry, you are no
longer called a Mason; you are then called a Moslem Son, and in that order
(or degree) you are taught the prayers of the Moslems and you come under
the teachings of Islam". --Elijah Muhammad, page 124, first edition, When
The Word Is Given, by Louis Lomax.

"We in Islam do not ascribe "sonship" to Almighty God, because he has no
son. All of us are his "spiritual children" but He has no physical
children". ibid., page 123

"He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son" 1 John 2:22

Robert Dole is a 33 degree Mason. Vote for him if you want an
antichrist Moslem President. You might get one no matter who you
vote for as Masonry is the second most powerful force on earth.

In the official publication of the Scottish Rite Masons , The New
Age, Sep.1950, the antichrist Shriners said that their god, "is
dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds." Is this
less than a declaration of WAR against Christians and Jews and Gentiles?

In this same issue, they said their god has chosen "the great
American Public schools" to achieve their goal. Here then, is the
source of all racial problems and of the anti-christian rulings on
prayer in schools by Masonic judges such as William Hungate of St.
Louis busing infamy was.

All Shriners have a copy of Morals and Dogma. written in 1871 by
Albert Pike, the number one Mason in American history. On pages 104 and
819, Pike said that the higher Masons mislead all below them. Can we
expect them to be honest with non Masons? If we are in fact at war with
them, wouldn't it be prudent to learn all of their tactics and tools and
the name of their god?

Too prevail, they must control all business schools, divinity
schools, medical schools, law schools, all schools of journalism and all
national organizations including the A.B.A., the A.M.A. and even the Girl
Scouts who promote Marx's 8th plank.

Such control requires unlimited money. To get unlimited money,
they created the Federal Reserve in 1913. All wars in this century were
financed not with taxes but with CREDIT created by the Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve Notes are embellished with symbols of Freemasonry. To
assure more Moslem slaughters such as the six million Koreans and
Vietnamese WHO HAD HARMED US NONE, vote for Bob Dole for president of the
United States.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

posted by Vetzine


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