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Monday, October 28, 2002

War on Truth

By Winston Smith

"Those unaware are unaware of being unaware"--Merrill Jenkins, M.R.

From CHRISTIANS AWAKE, Aug. 1987: "Govern- ment desires, creates and uses
confrontation, but only on spurious issues. Government never has and
never will engage or allow confrontation on real and truthful issues".
And I say, AMEN!

It's been said there is no defence like a good offence. This tactic is
well known and well used by our covert subrosa government. Whereas, Title
31, United States code section 371 requires that all accounts in the
public offices and in the courts shall be made in "The money of account of
the United States". If you ask the IRS or the courts to tell you what
today is current as the money of account of the United States, THIS is
one confrontation they do not want! Official guidelines forbid IRS agents
to discuss the nature of money or our Constitution. See: Congressional
Record, page E 609 Feb. 21,1979.

Those who learn that they can not file returns or make truthful
reports about money without learning of what substance is current as the
money of acc- ount and without waiving their rights, will be taken to
court and denied their rights to a fair and impartial trial by a jury of
their peers. The jury will be permitted to see only the evidence that
the black robed judge wants them to see and hear only the testimony that
servant of Satan permits them to hear! If they raise the real issues of
the Constitution or what is current as the money of account of the United
States, they will be attacked by every means possible that jurors can not
comprehend. Govern- ment will not permit confrontation on truthful

Take the case of the late Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin.
McCarthy raised the real issue of TREASON. Instead of the guilty
parties answering his accusations, they set out to destroy their
accuser and destroy him they did! What happened to the most Honourable
Joe McCarthy must never be forgotten. That trick is repeated often. When
this writer placed full page ads exposing the banking, government
conspiracy, they not only got me jailed for refusing to waive my rights
on 1040 forms but they told their perfidious press that I was convicted of
"tax evasion"! The objective was to convince my friends and other
readers that I was dishonest and could not be trusted. A neat trick and
it worked!

MISSIONS IMPOSSIBLE: It is impossible to pay taxes with modern
money, it is impossible to steal modern money from a bank and it is
impossible to cheat government out of modern money. In their free
booklet, MODERN MONEY MECHANICS, the Federal Reserve states: "The actual
process of money creation takes place in commercial banks". What is
created in commercial banks that you can pay taxes with? What is it banks
create that one can steal? Banks create BELIEF and CONFIDENCE. The only
things banks loan are pens to sign notes. It is impossible to have both
freedom and legal tender. Free men are paid for their labour. The sole
function of legal tender is to get labour and property without payment.
The United States code has no provision for PAYING debts or taxes with
legal tender. Try Title 31, Section 392.

Suppose that I had $10 in my pocket and you with a gun demanded all
of my money. If I only gave you $5, would you say that I cheated
you out of $5? If the $10 I had was counterfeit and gave it to
you, would you say I cheated you? If government robs you with
counterfeit and you fail to report on a 1040 form how much you were
robbed, would you say that you cheated government? Nobel laureate
and economics professor at MIT, Paul Samuelson wrote that the FEDERAL
reserve is an "omnipotent counterfeiter"* EVERY bill issued since the
first in 1914 was counterfeit in that the early ones promised to pay
something that did not exist and the ones issued since 1963 don't even
promise anything! We are supposed to believe that the present bills
became the money that the early ones promised. Wow! Very few challenge
them. Those who do risk getting an all expense paid vacation in
Leavenworth or a similar "resort". Economics, Fourth Edition

I spent seven months there for my "crime" of asking the IRS in a full page
ad, what I could lawfully pay my taxes with. I must say that if that
place had a fish pond and a swimming pool, people would pay to stay there!
When I as a member of the C of C (not knowing of its subversive
character) for $25 a year and $3.50 a month, I had one meal a month with
bankers, doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers and merchants. At LVC, I
had TWENTY ONE meals a week, with bankers, doctors, lawyers, preachers,
teachers and merchants for free! The tax protest movement is a fantastic
bit of Machavellian trickery that the Fed needs and con-trols. What
better way to convince their victims that money is real than to convince
them that taxes are real?

What better way to convince them that taxes are real than to give
harsh and heavily publicised sentences to those who won't pretend
that they re-ceived dollars and pretend to give dollars to the
Imaginary Revenue Scum? For taxes to be real, one must deliver a
substance called "money" to revenue agents but the Federal Reserve
declares in Keeping Our Money Healthy that their system "works only
with credit". Could they be lying? Are there a few people being
paid with specie and paying their taxes with the same? Do YOU send the
IRS money or just an authorisation for your bank to reduce your cred-it?
(a check). We will send 100 pounds of money to EACH person who will only
describe the money government spends on all of those asinine projects.

Suppose that you and I had an argument over wheth-er I had been to
the moon 25 times or just 23 times. Would the argument establish
that I had been to the moon? What happens when the IRS takes you to
court? If they convince a jury that you had income and did not file a
return, are they establishing that income has a definition and that you
are subject to the income tax?

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is a thought provoking booklet on mind
manipulations. Current hawkers of the booklet claim it was recently found
in the fuselage of an airplane or something to that effect. The truth is
that the American sunbeam was printing it back in 1980. They got a copy
from us and we got it from Walt Mann! I think he said he got it from a
party unknown. So, just how new is it? In any event, it has a line worth
remembering: Assume the appearance of power and people give it to you".
Walk thru a hospital with a stethoscope and you are a doctor to those who
see you. Don the uniform of a police officer and you ARE a police
officer. On the other hand, if the IRS assume that they have power over
you and induce you into their court room, the jury that they hand-pick
will give them power over you! "It is not a matter of what is true that
counts", said Henry Kissinger, "but a matter of what is per-ceived to be
true". HOW TRUE! Fed notes give power to those who hold them.Who can
deny that the Federal Reserve system is the same system that Hitler had
and China has? Didn't Hitler control his subjects with strips of paper,
credit, fear, lies, illusions and amusements? Are we not likewise
controlled? For the Fed to continue to work us with credit, it takes an
awful lot of lies and they need us to fear their IRS, the Russians that
they finance, dentist drills, dentist bills, AIDS, our neighbours who may
report us to the IRS or zoning board or whatever else works.

T.C. Fry wrote a book claiming that AIDS is hoax and the symptoms are the
result of people consuming too many poisons in their food and drinks.
Many M.D. s agree with him including Dr. John Welner. To understand
the AIDS scam, you need to under-stand the Hegelian dialectic that I
covered in my first letter. It is a scheme to work people into a frenzy
over a problem the schemers created so that the people will demand a
solution that gives more power to those who created the problem. The rash
of plane skyjackings, the busing of kids and the panic at the gas pumps in
the 70s were Hegelian efforts.

Can you explain the difference between communism and democracy?
When a few evil men convince the majority that evil is good and that those
who resist evil shall be ridiculed and punished and their property
confiscated, does it matter what name this goes by? Is it not democracy
when two wolves and a sheep vote on what they will have for lunch? See
what Exodus 23:2 does for democracy.

The poor innocent productive Jews are victims like the rest of us. You
will see the Star of David along with the crosses in our national
cemeteries. Both Christian and Jewish leaders are silent about the
unjust weights (dollars, pounds, pesos, etc.) that all wars are financed
with. They are also silent about the sodium fluoride put in our water to
shorten our life spans. If you believe seat belts should be fastened
after you have an accident, You should wait until you get cancer before
you seek the truth about fluoride. For more on regulation by
extermination via fluoridation, get a copy of The Economic Consequences Of
Longevity by this writer when you order my 36 page, Fool's Gold Is Green
for just 3 bucks. Get 12 later issues of this newsletter for 5 bucks.
Winston Smith. Box 22431 St. Louis MO 63126.
"My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6.

posted by Vetzine


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