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Saturday, October 05, 2002

War on Women

Free Kay Henson !

Note from Suzanne - Please sign the top petition. We are planning to publicly present these demands in the near future.

from Advocating Network

Please sign our petitions for Kay, the top petition will be the official petition as this petition on line provides services to ensure signatures are not duplicated and are authentic. PLEASE, this is just another very special and important way you can help Kay Hensen and her family!

Pass this on to your address book, we are fervently fighting for Kay and justice through out Wisconsin and the country!

Official Petition For Kay Hensen and Wisconsin by Suzanne Shell assisted by Susan Harrison/Lois Bass

Kay Hensen's Petition at Petition Petition!

Susan Harrison's Petition for Reform of CPS systems and reuniting families

Advocating Network
for Kay and all other parental rights

Suzanne Shell

posted by Vetzine


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