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Monday, November 11, 2002



Press release: important hearing!

Thursday, September 30,1999 Marion County Courthouse - Room 1A - 9:00 a.m. 100 High Street, Salem, Oregon

Come to the killing floor and watch the State destroy a nine-year old child and her family body!!!

See the trial with no jury!

Watch the judge lie and subvert the constitution in a court of no due process!!!

Watch the ongoing government conspiracy and cover up first hand that a jury in April 1998 indicted all of these State employees of racketeering - watch them try to Fabricate a "case" when the jury and the jury of the whole, the people, have watched This abomination unfold for three years. Disbelieving the judges and authorities Could be so blatantly corrupt.

Watch how the State severs the children with no due process in the courts - sons of Baal dismembering the family body after criminally abusing the child, as the children of the Israelites were slaughtered and sold this genocide and kidnaping repeating itself in modern times.

Watch the State bring in discredited testimony and hearsay opinions to cover their behinds - but they are caught with their pants down this time!!!!

Watch the media use the lies against the family to discredit them - without telling the other side of the record - three years of undisputed criminal activities by numerous State employees, including governor Kitzhaber, Wallace Carson and Hardy Myers - thick as thieves......

See the court slander with hearsay and provide no credible evidence at all!!!! See this not matter to the judge!!!

Watch Judge Avera prostitute himself to the State and terminate parental rights in full view of heinous crimes by public servants against the child.

Watch the State recuse to explain how they are saying that they have adopted her out already, even though parental rights have never been terminated, nor has anyone ever been charged or convicted of a crime.

Watch the State quash all subpoenas of the public servants who have documented criminal abuse against many children, and refuse to explain how caseworker Diana Rainly and federal review specialist Ann Stearns, along with Dept. Of Vital Statistics Administrator, Edward J. Johnson II, altered a birth certificate after the case had been dismissed and removed the biological fathers name? The evidence of this is from their own documents, but the judge won't care and won't make them appear to be cross-examined, even though they are subpoenaed and these are federal crimes.

Thought you lived in a free country? Thought you had inviolate constitutional rights? Watch Avera deny the constitutional rights of this child and her family - last month Avera said "you are in juvenile court - there are no defendants, there are no charges, there are no juries..."

See the way the courts in Oregon have undermined the State citizens' Constitutional Rights - blatantly, arrogantly conducting tribunals for the SOSCF to win regardless of facts, fraud or criminal evidence against the State.

Watch Avera refuse to recuse himself. As he has insisted on staying on juvenile, criminal and civil related cases in extreme conflict of interest - this judge is a whore for the State - just another compromised, soulless criminal - former district persecutor -

Come and watch the circus court - is this America?

See what the tyrant judges thinks of the public they are supposed to serve and protect. See how they forgot they took and oath to uphold the Constitution and your rights. Watch Avera refuse to answer what jurisdiction and venue we are in, knowing the State is way out of its authority and has never had lawful jurisdiction, and in fact, the case was dismissed on November 5,1996.

Since then the evidence shows that Melissa has been raped in the eighteen foster homes they have incarcerated her in....the State admitted under oath over a year ago that they never had any evidence to have taken Melissa or to have kept her; Silverton police officer Gary Robertson admitted how he took her on his own aithority - no warrant - no juges order - for his involvement in the black market child selling with Shirley Baez and the "Vega Gang" drugs, pornography and kidnaping ring; they all admitted in sworn testimony that she has been burned, sexually abused, in at least three homes, pornography made of her, terrorized and drugged, and they knew of all the crimes of the foster parents and caseworkers and concealled evidence of these Crimes - these homes are still foster homes and open day care centers licensed by the State with full knowledge of ongoing criminal activity...

Watch the State bring in slanderous fraud that was dismissed in November 5,1996, in the court of Judge West. Watch prostitute counsellors and police and caseworkers come in and testify having no first hand knowledge, and no corroboration to their interviews with anybody - only their own slanderous words used in place of credible evidence. These reports have been dismissed and discredited in previous hearings, but this will not matter to the court.

Watch the methods and operations of the SOSCF - write heinous, unfounded lies in a petition, then write letters to police and counsellors to make reports to match these fabricated and falsely sworn petitions, then watch as the judge will not force the district attorney, William Howell, to appear, even though it is his lies and malicious petitions that are being used to unlawfully hold this child.. And the State refuses to uphold the consitutional rights to face your accuser. Watch the caseworker Larry Perton, who is involved in the rape of this child and has been alone with her and is covering up his knowledge of these criminal acts, avoid any accountability as the Judge will let the objections of the State keep out all relevant questions...It is never ending...Judge Terry Leggert recently on the record stated that "nothing is illegal in juvenile court" - really ??????? These corrupt judges are criminally insane and destroying countless lives daily right now doubling the number of infants and children taken...

Governor Ombudsman, Gen Dennison, is fully knowing of this and refuses to even investigate. She stated at a senate hearing last year that "she could go to the Governor about a family being destroyed by the SOSCF, but that she has never had to."

Yeah - this case proves that they cover it up and destroy the family before it can go too far and control the media spin to create the illusion that the State is not running a criminal child moving operation. Iit is time for the public to see the methods of how they take the children without due process - and plan on doubling the number "sold" (Profiting on adopting them out - no profit for the agencies in returning them to the families unless they can unlawfully compell all kinds of illegal contracts). Well, this time it has gone too far and we will not stand for this, nor will you when you are attacked for standing up for your rights... We will not bend over and be raped anymore by these corrupt judges. What is it going to take??? Come and watch. You have to see for yourself how a public servant turns into a raging dragon for daring to question his authority or describe his criminal acts.

Quite a show - be there on time - Avera will come in and insult the court wachers immediately and threaten anyone who speaks in a public courtroom that they will be removed or arrested, and in the last month our courtwatchers have been assaulted by sheriffs for refusing to stand for the judge in the corrupt Oregon courtrooms. Be there and tell them you will not stand for his contempt of the citizenry and will be accountable for the destruction of this child and her father...

Be there to tell this minion of Satan that we The People are the government, and are taking back the rights that have been subverted - taking back our rights, our children, our freedom, and demand accountability and prosecution of these heinous perverts.

Together, with one voice, this ends now.

Wake up, America!!!

posted by Vetzine


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