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Sunday, December 22, 2002

Bushtapo In The Bush-Mart Kroger Wants your Fingerprint!

Not content with controling travel at the Bush-ports and the
Hi-way Check Points the Corporate State Bushwhackers
are moving into the Grocery Stores to Control YOU and
Your Family with food.


Albrecht Debates West Seattle Thriftway President
CASPIAN founder Katherine Albrecht took to the Seattle airwaves last week
to debate Paul Kapioski, president of the West Seattle Thriftway store.
The store has come under fire from privacy advocates for introducing a
fingerprint payment system on May 1, 2002. Many listeners called in to
express alarm that anyone would think of using fingerprints to make
purchases. Others called the program "disturbing." (Herb Weisman's
ConsumerMan program, KOMO Talk Radio AM 1000, May 1, 2002) KOMO AM 1000
West Seattle Thriftway

Kroger Wants your Fingerprint!

Attention Texans! You are once again being targeted for a "test" to
see how far you will tolerate supermarket privacy-invasion. Kroger,
the nation's largest grocery chain, is using stores in Bryan/College
Station, Texas to test its new "SecureTouch-n-Pay" fingerprint reader
system which "enables customers to shop without needing to carry a purse,
wallet or checkbook by incorporating biometric identity verification and
electronic financial transaction processing at the POS [Point of Sale]."
Those insane enough to participate must sign up by providing a
fingerprint, along with personal and financial data, ID information,
"loyalty" program information, and electronic payment options.

If this program is not stopped cold, someday all shoppers may be
required to provide a fingerprint or DNA sample to simply walk
through the door of a grocery store. The days of shopping at the
supermarket using a fake or traded card are numbered. Pass this
information on, and let Kroger know you don't want this coming to
your town. If you are interested in participating in a protest of
this technology, please let us know on CASPIAN's feedback page.

("Biometric Access Corporation's SecureTouch-n-Pay Brings Enhanced
Transaction Processing to Kroger Stores." Biometric Access
Corporation Press Release, April 11, 2002)

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