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Sunday, December 29, 2002

War on Women
Wisconsin Gulag

From: Suzanne Shell
Subject: Kay Henson revocation hearing
Date sent: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 17:06:10 -0700
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For Immediate Release
Dec. 28, 2002
Family & Youth Institute

After reviewing all evidence in her probation revocation hearing, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) has ruled in favor of Kay Henson and refused to revoke her probation as demanded by Walworth County Probation Officers Eileen Haffey and Catherine Kozminski. Kay is the Walworth County, Wisconsin pastor's wife who pled no contest to simple battery for spanking her disobedient 10 year-old son on the bare bottom with her left hand. She was placed on eighteen months probation with a recommendation that probation be terminated after six months of no violations. There were no violations during this period of time.

After Kay was invited to appear on a Warner Brothers talk show to reveal government abuses associated with her criminal and civil cases that arose out of the spanking, Walworth County probation began to seek reasons to revoke her probation. Kay was jailed three times while she was investigated for probation violations. She has been in jail for more that three months awaiting her probation revocation hearing.

"This is nothing more than the state exerting legal force to control adult political behavior through the removal of children or through incarceration on trumped-up charges," said Suzanne Shell, Director of the American Family Advocacy Center. Shell believed the children were at risk of unnecessary removal and advised Kay's husband, Slade, to go into hiding with them. When the state was unable to seize the children, who have remained safe and well-cared for with their father, agents began to escalate their efforts against Kay by denying her access to a law library and legal materials; by blocking her calls to her advocates, attorney and other supporters; by denying her needed medical attention; and by attempting to coerce her into revoking herself. Additionally, her revocation hearing was delayed four times.

The basis of this revocation hearing was a video tape of her children playing in the neighborhood, filmed by neighbor Marcia Koehler. Ms. Koehler has been described in the court's order as having purchased her video camera for the sole purpose of video taping the Henson children and commenting "there you are, you stinker" when Aliyah appeared in view of her camera. Ms. Koehler filmed the Henson children from behind bushes. Supporters of the Henson family suggest that Ms. Koehler was engaged by Walworth County Probation officers to 'catch' Kay 'neglecting' her children.

"Walworth County has demonstrated a pattern of abuse and harassment, under the color of law, against this mother and her children," said John Welker, Executive Director of the Family & Youth Institute, who has been assisting Kay and her attorney on this case. "They have held her on trumped-up allegations because she has been outspoken in her criticism of the abuses she and her family have endured by Walworth County employees and because she has refused to buckle under their threats and intimidation."

The Family & Youth Institute, whose national headquarters is in Shakopee, Minnesota, was instrumental in obtaining competent legal representation for Kay's revocation hearing. Jack Hoag, Kay's attorney, commented that 95% of these hearings result in revocation of probation.

The ALJ refused public or media access to the hearing, which was held in the Walworth County Jail in Elkhorn.
Kay remains in jail and there is no word on when she will be released. It is unlikely that she will be released until the Department of Corrections has exhausted their appeals, if they choose to pursue an appeal. If Kay is released, she will remain on probation until February.

The entire chronology on Kay's case is available at

For further information, contact the Family & Youth Institute at 952-445-2590 or at

The mission of the Family and Youth Institute, FYI, is to provide educational and other resources to family members who feel that their constitutional and/or civil rights are being, or have been, violated by governmental authorities during domestic dissolutions where child sexual abuse has been alleged and/or during child protection interventions.

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