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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Who is responsible?

There are only two means by which men can deal with one another: guns or
logic. Force or persuasion. Those who know that they cannot win by means
of logic, have always resorted to guns.
-- Ayn Rand


From: "larken"
Subject: The Devil's Right Hand
Date sent: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 04:01:36 -0600

Dear List Subscriber,

(Let me preface this by saying that this message IS very relevant to
ending the "income tax" deception, even if it doesn't look like it at

What does the Devil's right hand look like? I don't mean this to be
particularly religious or biblical; I just want to know, whatever "evil"
is, what is the main mechanism by which it is served?

Adolph Hitler? Stalin? Charles Manson? Jeffrey Dahmer? The Columbine

Nope. Not even close. Let's get out the score card.

How many people did Manson, Dahmer, and the Columbine shooters kill? A
few dozen, at most. I don't mean to downplay the horribleness of their
atrocities, but on a purely statistical level, they hardly register on the
big scheme of things.

"Oooo, oooo, I know! Stalin, Mao, and Hitler!"

Actually, no. How many people actually died at the HANDS of those
individuals? Not very many (again, in the big scheme of things). "Well,
maybe they didn't do the actual killing, but they orchestrated mass
murder!" True. And what was their primary tool?

The true threat to humanity are not the Hitlers, the Dahmers, and the
Mansons. Those who have a view of reality that twisted--those who have no
regard for human life, or even DELIGHT in the suffering or death of
others--are few and far between. They are outnumbered (and perhaps more
importantly, out-gunned) at least a million to one.

No, as disturbing as the occasional psychotic, sadistic murderer is, that
is NOT what society needs to worry about. Let's look at the other column
on the score card. The grand total is in the hundreds of millions of
human beings tortured and murdered. And who is responsible? Who
accomplished atrocities way beyond what the famous mass-murders

Average, generally decent human beings, who did the wrong thing BECAUSE
"AUTHORITY" TOLD THEM TO. They are the Devil's Right Hand. Remove that
blind obedience to imagined "authority"--just getting those people to use
their OWN judgment instead of following someone else's--and you remove 99%
of murder from the earth.

Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

(Check out "Death by Government," by Mr. Rummel.)

It's easier for us to imagine a nasty, malicious, "insane" villain as our
enemy. How many Hollywood movies spend all the movie making the top bad
guy so evil that you can't wait until he dies at the end (in the most
gruesome manner that special effects can buy)?

Trouble is, those are NOT the implementers of evil in the real world.
Your neighbor is the implementer of evil. Yeah, that nice guy who helped
you jump-start your car last week. Yeah, the one with the three kids, who
is such a great dad. That's the one. That's the Devil's right hand.

What that "nice guy" would have been doing at this age, had he been born
in 1910 in Germany, would be driving a truck with those canisters of gas
on board. Mind you, he doesn't MAKE the gas, or set up the gas chambers,
or push the people in, or open the valve, or burn the bodies. No, he just
drives the truck. That's all. He's just doing his job, and serving his

Well, that's what the "nice guy" WOULD have been doing, had he been born
in Germany in 1910. But he wasn't. He was born in America, the land of
the free and the home of the brave, in 1960. He now works as a Revenue
Agent for the Internal Revenue Service. Mind you, he doesn't ARREST
anyone, or seize anyone's property. He just does the paperwork the way
his bosses tell him to. That's all. He's just doing his job, and serving
his country.

Know your enemy. Your enemy is not Darth Vader, or Sauron, or Dr. Evil.
Your enemy is that "nice guy" next door. If you want to see just how
scary he really is, I highly recommend a book titled "Obedience to
Authority," which is a detailed psychological study by Stanley Milgram
(done back in the 1960's). I'll let the book give you all the gruesome
details, but the punchline is this: the vast majority of your neighbors
will KNOWINGLY INFLICT PAIN AND SUFFERING ON YOU, if someone they perceive
as "authority" tells them to. If that were not the case, there would be
no IRS.

For any who have tried to reason with an IRS agent, tried to show them the
law, tried to get "justice" out of a judge, or tried to get the IRS to not
rob them, you have all the evidence you need. Yes, the IRS certainly has
its share of sadistic, power-happy fruitcakes (Steward Stich in Sarasota,
Florida comes to mind). But mostly the IRS is populated by average folk,
who are "just following orders." They take no responsibility for their
actions, they avoid original thought like the plague, and they are immuned
to any evidence or logic which goes against what their bosses are telling
them to do. In short, they are the Devil's right hand.

It's easy to cheer for the super-villain in any movie to be subject to
some horrible death. How about the 20-year-old German kid on the front
lines in WW II, who doesn't know what he's doing there, is just trying to
do what he is told, and thinks he is somehow nobly serving the Motherland?
It's not as easy to hate him, or to wish death upon him.

Unfortunately, as revolting as it is that generally decent folk do
horrible things under the direction of some perceived "authority," it gets
worse. You have a choice: kill the misguided kid, and thousands like him,
or let Hitler rule the world.

Reality bites, doesn't it?

In the fight to end the "income tax" deception, thankfully it has been (at
least for the most part) non-violent. However, that uncomfortable choice
is still there. You must either intentionally inflict stress and
discomfort on that "nice guy," or let him continue to rob your friends and
neighbors. There is no other choice. So which is it going to be?

Many of you have already felt the frustration and anger that comes from
dealing with the faceless, responsibility-free bureaucracy called the IRS.
You can't wait for Darth Vader to show up, so you can lop his head off
with your light saber. But he doesn't show. Instead, you're faced with
some ignorant paper-pusher whose vast knowledge of law and procedure
consists of being able to read "the courts have ruled that to be
frivolous" off a form letter that his bosses sent him. He, and 90,000
others like him, are what you are up against. You are not fighting
arch-villains; you are fighting cowardly "obeyers."

You have a choice: hurt them or be hurt by them. Which will it be? No, I
don't mean smashing their kneecaps (though in some ways that might be
nicer in the long run). I mean making their jobs absolutely miserable, in
every legal way you can think of, as long as they refuse to obey their own
regulations. If you won't do it, you can rest assured that they WILL make
your friends' and neighbors' lives miserable.

If you examine history, and read "Obedience to Authority," it should be
clear what your options are. To be nice, appeal to their reason and
rationale once, on the off chance that they are one of the very few
capable of thinking and acting on their own, CONTRARY to what "authority"
tells them to do. After that, resort to their aversion to discomfort.
Train them as you would train a pit bull: "if you hurt me, I will hurt you
worse." Unfortunately, as many millions have learned throughout history,
there is only one other choice: submit to absolute tyranny.


Larken Rose


posted by Vetzine


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