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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Wisconsin Gulag and Media Coverup

From: Suzanne Shell
Subject: Kay Henson and newspaper article
Date sent: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 19:14:18 -0700

The Janesville Gazette recently published a story about the Kay Henson case. This story is posted at

I was advised by the person who is sheltering Kay's husband, Slade, and her children, that he had told them I had information about this case but the reporter ignored that. I see this story as heavily slanted toward the state. Look at all the state actors they interviewed. . . this is propaganda in action, and timed so nicely to precede her revocation hearing. I believe it is designed to undermine her public support. State agencies often do this to make themselves look better and the local media are the perfect shills to accomplish that.

Pastor Ralph Ovadahl has stated his desire to stage a rally in support of Kay on the day of her revocation hearing, Dec. 19. I would like to be there, but am having transportation difficulties and may not make it. I encourage anyone who has the means to try to make it. Check out for more information (archives - most recent interview with Suzanne Shell) and how to contact Ralph Ovadahl for details regarding the demonstration. I storngly support this effort. It is time to shame Walworth County and the State of Wisconsin regarding its treatment of families.

Below is the correspondence between me and the editor of the paper. If I may suggest. . .a groundswell of letters from Kay's supporters in response to this article. Just let them know we wish they'd cover the TRUE issues surrounding this and other Walworth County stories of CPS and prosecutorial abuse. For another Walworth County case exposing CPS abuse, see
You can email the editor at and copy it to

Kay is suffering tremendously in jail. There are certain guards who are sadistic and enjoy withholding necessities and harassing prisoners. She feels isolated, especially from her children and husband. Her health is deteriorating. She needs encouragement from all of us. Write to her at Kay Henson, Walworth County Jail, W4054 County Road NN, Elkhorn, WI 53121

The officials, including her PO officer, are doing everything in her power to demoralize her, to render her powerless and to abuse her emotionally. She is determined to stay the course, but does not see the benefit of her sacrifice. Those of us who have been fighting the CPS battle for so long know that we must be patient, but Kay is a relative newcomer and does not deserve to be kept from her family. She is concerned that her children, especially the baby, will forget her. Don't forget, she's already lost two of her children to her ex-husband and losing the rest is one of her greatest fears. Add to that the reality that she and her family have lost all they had worked for because of this incarceration and the need to flee. I would like to again ask supporters to make donations to Slade at and send a payment to

If anyone wants to send money to Kay, (she needs some toiletries and pencils and paper) send a blank money order to me @ 14053 Eastonville Rd, Elbert, CO 80106. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO KAY at the jail. I have specific instructions to follow to insure they do not seize any money sent directly to her, because that money will be used make up for past indigent usage. Do not fill in the name on the money order, and even $5 will go a long way to help her. That's really not too much to ask.

I send the following letter to the editor of the Janesville, Gazette:

-----Original Message-----
From: Suzanne Shell
Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 12:09 PM
Subject: Kay Henson Story

I have been involved in Kay Henson's case from the beginning. I have
documentation of the entire case and possess her power of attorney.

I've just read your story on Kay Henson. I see that you have done
extended interviews with the state agents, but nobody has contacted me.
I have been advised that you were provided with my contact information
and my participation on this case. I have audio tape evidence of the
Parole officer threatening to revoke Kay's probation because she WANTED
TO CALL HER ATTORNEY. There was no statutory or written probation
requirement that Kay cooperate with a risk assessment being conducted by
Walworth County child protection services. IN FACT, Walworth County
DECLINED to file a Chips petition on the issues listed in her probation
revokation document and the DA has DECLINED to press charges on those

I am planning on being in Walworth County for Kay's revocation hearing.
I would like to interview you and the reporter who wrote this story for
a documentary video that I am filming on this subject. My interview with
you would be on the issue of how the mainstream media covers child
abuse/neglect cases.

Please advise me if you would be available on Friday, December 20 for a
video interview. I anticipate this would take about an hour and a half.
I am willing to submit my questions in advance if you prefer. Thank you
for your attention to this matter.

Suzanne Shell

Scott Angus wrote:

I am not interested in being part of your documentary, and neither is our reporter.

If you believe you have important information that was not included in the first story, contact Barbara Uebelacker, our managing editor. She can be reached at 608-754-3311, Ext. 293, or at Sincerely,

Scott W. Angus
The Janesville Gazette
OUCH! ANOTHER person who lacks the courage of his convictions? I don't know, but he clearly does not want me to scrutinize his paper's coverage of this issue. So I responded:
Thank you for your response. It is against my production policy to force any media outlet to cover any child protection story in any certain way or to impose my information on anyone who doesn't seek it. It is up to you to decide how you want a story covered and I'm not trying to change that. I simply report my findings after giving the subject the opportunity to respond to them. Having extended that opportunity to your paper, I'll just let the existing story speak for itself, then. Best wishes. Suzanne

Suzanne Shell

posted by Vetzine


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