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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Grandmothers On Net Radio

Hotseat 4 Judges Thursday January 9 03

7:00pm Central Time

On Crusade Radio

Linda Kennedy's Hotseat 4 Judges Radio Show

Sponsor J.A.I.L.

Guests The Grandmothers
Gerry Coffey, Jean Tune
and their Pro Bono Attorney
Greg Reeves of Decatur Alabama

Topic They will report on the results of their
trial scheduled for 7am Jan 9 03
in the Municipal Court of Judge
Billy Cook in Decatur City Hall
The Grandmothers are inviting all to attend
the trial and then join them in picketing
City Hall and The Kroger Supermarket
at 1101 Beltline Road, Decatur
where the Ladies, aged 62 an 79 were
arrested for speaking out about,
(Genetically Modified Foods)

Host Your Vetzine Publisher
(Magistrate Beaverly Stite Jone's worst nightmare)


Linda Kennedy's Hotseat 4 Judges Net Radio Show

Airs on Crusade Radio

Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday
at 7pm Central Time

Saturday 3pm Central Time

Sponsored by J.A.I.L


-- "Your Rights Are Your Security.
When you, "give up your Rights for Security",
it's not Security you get, but Slavery ."
-- --
Host on Linda Kennedy's Hotseat 4 Judges
Thursdays 7:00 pm Central Time, Crusade Radio

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