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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Grandmothers On Trial
Request Pickets and Court Watchers

For Immediate Release

Vetzine Publishing
Grandmothers On Trial
Seek Support For Protecting Public Food Supply
Request Pickets and Court Watchers

When ? Thursday January 9 2003
7 am in the morning

Where ? The Municipal Court of Decatur, Alabama
City Hall on Lee Street, Decatur, AL.
Judge Billy Cook Presiding

Court Watchers Bring Note Pads, Pens, Tape Recorders, Cameras

Picketers Bring Appropriate Signs and Leftover New Years Noise

Agenda: Following The Early-Morning Trial, Picketers will
march around City Hall and then the Parking Lot of
The Kroger Corporation's Supermarket


On Saturday, October 26th 2002, the Decatur Police Department
responded to a complaint of trespassing on private property from the
Kroger Supermarket at 1101 Beltline Road by sending three squad cars to
the scene of the crime. There they subdued and arrested two Grandmothers,
Gerry Coffey, age 62 and Jean Tune, age 79.

The Grandmothers were hauled off to Police Headquarters where they
were booked, mug shot, finger printed and interrogated. They were
arraigned a few days later and ordered to appear in Judge Billy
Cook's Court at 7 am Thursday January 9th, 2003.

What crime had these Ladies committed? Several, it seems. They were
caught red handed on 4 counts of exercising their Constitutional
Rights under the First Amendment:

1. Freedom of Speech ... *They were talking to other Kroger
2. Freedom of the Press .. *They were circulating fact sheets.
3. Freedom to Assemble ... *They had assembled.
4. Freedom to Petition ... *They were gathering signatures on a

Previous to the event, Gerry Coffey talked with the Kroger Store
Manager three times, sent Kroger Headquarters a Press Release
outlining their purpose, and was under the impression they had every
right to be there.

So what were these gentle ladies doing that so alarmed the Kroger
Corporation and the Decatur Police?

* The Grandmothers were taking part in Pure Foods' National Super
Market Campaign to warn shoppers that without their knowledge or
consent they have been and are buying genetically engineered
"Frankenfoods," some of which contain the genes of fish, human cancer
cells and other unnatural organisms.

* They provided scientific fact sheets testifying to the real and
potential dangers of G. E. foods that have been linked to allergic
reactions, dangerous toxins, and increased use of hazardous
pesticides that are a threat to our food chain, the environment, and the
health of our children and grandchildren.

* They pointed out that 2/3rds of the food on our grocery store
shelves now contain these untested GMO's and consumers are being used as
human guinea pigs without being being given a choice.

Examples of unlabeled foods containing gmo's are Kraft food products, baby
foods, cereals, crackers, grains, fish, produce and all manner of refined
and packaged foods.

Moreover, Kraft and other U. S. food suppliers are practicing a
double standard.

European legislators wisely cater to the consumer's desire and right to
know. For that reason Kraft and other U. S. global distributors label
GE-food and remove GE ingredients from their products sold to Europe and
other countries. These same companies force feed GE foods to consumers
here in the United States without any labeling, thus side-stepping the
consumer's right-to-know and right to choose.

Additionally, despite the fact surveys verify over 90% of the
American Public favors labeling, Congress follows the dictates of
deep-pocket lobbyists and resists public efforts to mandate labeling of
all genetically engineered foods.

These Grandmothers are standing up for all Citizens' rights to have
untainted food that is accurately labeled.. They want their Grand
Children and yours to have pure, healthy food.

They hope their arrest might serve to awaken the public to this crime
against the food source that sustains us, and that their sacrifice will
not be in vain.

All Activists, all Constitutionalists, everyone who wants
unadulterated food for their Children and Grand Children please come and
stand with these courageous Grandmothers and their Pro Bono Attorney Greg
Reeves against the Big Corporations and Tyranny.

-- "Your Rights Are Your Security.
When you, "give up your Rights for Security",
it's not Security you get, but Slavery ."
-- --
Host on Linda Kennedy's Hotseat 4 Judges
Thursdays 7:00 pm Central Time, Crusade Radio

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