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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Update On Al Adask

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To: "www. suspicions .info"
Subject: Update On Al Adask
Date sent: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 16:16:01 -0600
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Organization: Suspicions News Magazine

Update on Al Adask

Alfred N. Adask
Author and Editor of and Antishyster News Magazine
has been held captive without warrant since September 30th 2002. At
present He is an inmate of the Jefferson County Jail in Jefferson County
Missouri. He was told by his captors that he is charged with two counts of
criminal non-support in a child support issue brought by a resident of
Missouri. He was taken to a hearing in mid-December of last year and told
to plead guilty to the charges and also to acquire the services of a
lawyer. Al refused to do both and has not had another hearing to date. His
next move will be to send in a Habeas Corpus for himself and if it is not
successful there is a second Habeas Corpus ready to be filed at his
request. Alfred suspects that he will be let out of Jefferson County Jail
without warning some time in the near future. He wants Us to Locate Two or
more Local People, who live within an hours drive of Jefferson County
Jail, who could pick Al up at the Jail and who would work with us to
arrange his bus fare back to Dallas Texas, should this event occur. We are
also seeking Local People who could help Al by accepting collect phone
calls from him occasionally, as well as letters; Local People who could
visit Al at the jail. Two or three Local People, who could establish and
maintain a rapport with Al while he is Jefferson County Jail, Jefferson
County Missouri.

"I'd like the system to know that my situation is being Watched
by people all over the country.
I'd like the people who are watching my situation to
call, fax and or email a question to the sheriff here
and this is the question,

'Is it true that the living man, Alfred Adask, is
being held as fiduciary for a crime allegedly committed
by the person ALFRED ADASK with a DOB of 4/21/45 ?'"

The Jefferson County Jail Website is at:

sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer
636-797-5049 fax

Jefferson county sheriffs department
636-797-5049 fax

lt. col. Steven Meinberg undersheriff

major Mark Tulgetske chief deputy

capt. Chris Pigg law enforcement commander

capt. Denise Lassing support services commander

lt. Virgil Lorenze office of professional standards

lt. Robert McKlin jail director and commander

Don Allen office manager

Tanya Bergner administrative secretary

Jina Atkins administrative secretary

Jennifer Finke personnel

To Contact Us:

Jefferson County Jail
P.O. Box 100
Hillsboro, Missouri 63050
Alfred Adask Bk. # 2006371

Jeff Penley at or

If You can send a Contribution or
Donation to aid Al at this time contact:

Richard Clark at or
central time zone

We Welcome You to visit Al's
Suspicions News Magazine Website
and Download Free copies of
Suspicions News Magazine at

Thank You All
Yours Truly,

Jeff Penley

... Remember, democracy never lasts long.
It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.
There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

--- John Quincy Adams

posted by Vetzine


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