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Monday, February 24, 2003

Martial Law and Empire Building

From: "Marian Chapman"
Subject: Martial Law and Empire Building
Date sent: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 11:56:15 -0600

Hi friends: The reading (Links below) I have been doing the past couple
of days has convinced me that the furor over Smallpox innoculations is
contrived. I believe it is contrived by the power structure that is
moving rapidly to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I
belive it means to put all peoples under the tyranny of a an empirical
global government. I believe from my reading, that the Bush regime is at
the forefront of that power structure while at the same time is a tool of
hidden world leaders.

By expending so much time in concern over the innoculation plans, we are
playing into the hands of tyranny just as the Powers have hoped and
planned for. We need, and the people need to awaken. Those of us aware
need to help awaken those who are asleep.

I believe there is still time, under what freedoms we have left to
restore and save the day. But NOW is all we have. I have in the past
few days sent you links to several articles exposing what is going on
behind the scenes, and to those groups who have awakened and are working
to pull us away from the brink of world totalitarianism. I hope you
realize the seriousness of where we are and take time to read those
links. I have repeated a few of the most important of those links below
just in case you missed them. I hope you realize that even though
preparing for physical survival is important, that survival with out
Liberty is living death.

Liberty does not mean security. Liberty is messy. But for me Liberty is
the only life worth living. At this point it cannot be won by those arms
the government still allows us to own. Such an attempt will end in sure
destruction and death, for their weapons are much more powerful than ours.
With a flick of a switch, they can gas us all.

I certainly believe that there is only momentary security under what the
Powers have in store for us, for I believe they plan mass extermination of
people to bring the population down to manageable and less 'planet
destructive' levels. Those ordinary people like you and me who survive
will become slaves to those in Power.

The only possibility we have of success is to adopt the successful way of
Ghandi and of King. That means massive passive and very visible
resistance. That means coming together to work, as a nation of freedom
loving people, to hound our US Congress People and State Legislators into
standing up and putting a stop to the Bush fronted regime. Money speaks
loudly to them, but the vote, should another ever be allowed, will speak
louder if the majority of Americans can be aroused to exercise their right
to vote.

It means standing together to find, promote, and elect ordinary freedom
loving American citizens to our State and Federal offices. It means being
willing to run for office. For those who have been apathetic among us, it
means getting off our backsides, registering to vote, and then getting out
and excercising the power of the ballot every time the polls are open.
Those who would enslave us and their followers certainly get out and vote.
We outnumber them. They fear us for that reason and I believe will try
to circumvent our voting rights.

It means educating people. That will be easy with those who ready access
to the internet. The education in that area has already successfully
begun. It is people who have access only to the controlled media that
will be hard to reach. Many have already bought the propaganda of the
Powers that be which shows in the polls that show over 60% of the American
people support the plans of the Bush Regime.

And it means some of us may give up our lives in the work, for in all such
past efforts some died. I am willing to do that for the sake of all our

I have had a premonition for many months that Bush and cronies would find
a way to declare Martial Law before the next Presidential election and
that there would not be another election. My readings of the past few
days convince me that that premonition is instead, prophetic vision.
Below are several links to others who believe Martial Law is in the Bush
plans and have given solid basis for that belief. I hope you read them
and decide to work with others to divert such a catastrophe.

In Freedom with Love's Blessings, Marian

PS. I had Teri Backerman, President of the Arkansas Health Freedom
Coalition look at this before deciding whether to send it or not. Here
are her comments:

Well Marian, I've read through it all and the links and I think you have
nailed it on the head. It doesn't take an Einstein to connect to dots.
This is exactly what I and many others think is happening. Scary. Mind
boggling isn't it. Exactly what I felt like when I sent you the info on
the Patriot act and new constitution, etc...Like living in a nightmare.
Foundations are in place for martial law in the US


March 15, 2002 | When the Washington Post revealed the existence of an
American "shadow government," operating secretly in Tora Bora-style
mountain bunkers over the six months since Sept. 11, it shocked even some
congressional leaders, who learned about it March 1 from the Post, not the
Bush administration. Now civil libertarians on the left and right are
raising new questions about the shadow government -- about its secrecy,
its leadership, and the way it involves the military in domestic roles. In
particular, plans to have the military assume domestic police functions in
case of national emergency alarm some scholars and advocates, who believe
the shadow government could be an early step on the way to martial law.



Common Sense Survival Guides
This article takes scanning through as it is wordy, but worth searching
out the Martial Law aspects discussed. An invasion of Iraq or any of the
"Axis of Evil" or "Beyond Axis of Evil" nations is likely to result in a
response that means American citizens will die here in the U.S. One
incident, one aircraft hijacked, a "dirty nuke" set off in a small town,
may well prompt the Bush regime, let's say during the election campaign of
2003-2004, to suspend national elections for a year while his government
ensures stability. The precedent for such thinking is now enshrined in GOP
politics. Another egotistical politician, Rudolph Giuliani, suggested that
he should stay on as Mayor of New York a while longer past his term to
make sure "New Yorkers would get through this thing". Would it be any
surprise to hear Bush II say the same thing late in 2003 after insurgents
would have destroyed part of a city or a chemical weapons cloud spreads
over half of a small state?



martial law

martial law, temporary government and control by military authorities of a
territory or state, when war or overwhelming public disturbance makes the
civil authorities of the region unable to enforce its law. Martial law
refers to rule by the domestic army only; the rule of occupied territory
by an invading army is known as military government. During a war, a
nation may invoke martial law in some or all of its territory as part of
the war effort. Martial law is also applied in serious cases of internal
dissension; the army authorities may take over the administrative and
judicial functions, and civil safeguards (e.g., habeas corpus and freedom
of speech) may also be suspended. Where the civil courts remain open, even
if their orders are executed by the military, martial law is not
applicable. In the United States the federal government is limited in
applying martial law by the provision of Article 1, Section 9, Subsection
2, of the Constitution, which concerns the suspension of habeas corpus. In
most U.S. states, martial law may be proclaimed when deemed necessary for
the public's safety. However, the U.S. Supreme Court in ex parte Milligan
(1866) ruled that military trial of civilians when the civil courts were
functioning was unconstitutional. Martial law, which applies to all
persons, civil and military, in the area is to be distinguished from
military law, the system of rules of government applying only to those in
military service.


Of Gods and Mortals and Empire
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective
Friday 21 February 2003

There was, among the millions who stormed the planet last weekend, a
misconception that masked the true reason for their presence in the
streets. A great many people believe this looming war with Iraq is about
old grudges and oil. The truth of the matter is far more broad and deep,
belittling all talk of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and even
oil. The men who pursue their goals by way of this war have a great many
desires on their minds, and once more, they have the will to attain these
goals by whatever means is required. Allow me to introduce The Project
for the New American Century.


Shades of the Roman Empire!
Conquered Iraq to be a model of democracy: Bush
The US plans to take complete, unilateral control of a post-Saddam Iraq,
with an interim administration headed by a yet-to-be named US civilian,
who will direct the reconstruction of the country and the creation of a
"representative" Iraqi government, according to a now-finalised outline
described by US officials and other sources.

Say Death to Death

(Communique from the EZLN which was read during the demonstration in
Rome, Italy, on February 15, 2003. It was read by Heidi Giuliani, the
mother of activist Carlo, who was assassinated by the Italian police in
Genoa in July of 2001.)

*********************************************** Patriot Act # 2 exposed.

************************************************************************ 45 cities and towns have passed resolutions
protecting the civil liberties of their 5,566,797 residents. Many more
are in progress.


"Marian Chapman"

posted by Vetzine


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