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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Courtstapo Consider Themselves Great Minds

"Linda Sanders"

Linda Sanders, Paralegal
7475 W. 5th Ave., # 202
Lakewood CO 80226
303 467 7199

March 20, 2003

Judge Tacha
10th Circuit Court of Appeals
Byron White Building
Denver Colorado

Re: Enclosed: Videotape: Judicial Abuse in Colorado and book, "Exposed!
Tyranny on the Bench in Colorado." Please return in SAE enclosed or send

Greetings Judge Tacha:
Someone mailed me a videotape of your speech to the (graduating?) students
of the University of Tulsa. It made me sick- not your appearance or your
delivery, but your apparent lack of personal experience with what's
happening in court today as related to the constitution and citizen's
rights. Like your colleagues, you appear to be either ignorant of what's
going on in your courts or you are ignoring it. You claim to be an
advocate of "the rule of law" yet do nothing to protect the rule of law.
You began your speech telling the audience that the general public is
stupid and therefore, they, [the college graduates] allegedly educated,
have an obligation to carry the torch if this country is to remain in a
superior position in relation to the world. (I don't buy your assumption
that today's college educated people are smarter than those educated in
pre-1970 public schools. I'm in debt for $80,000 to D.U. for two children,
and neither can balance a checkbook]. You continued laying the foundation
of your speech by talking about how lawyers, judges and the legal
profession in general are the reason this country is "so great",
(notwithstanding that our Mr. Bush is the laughing stock of the U.N.) You
liken yourselves to the great minds of the 1700's. While I believe it's
possible that a few of you [judges] are as bright and sincere as
Blackstone and Brandeis, those judges are too few and far between. And
they get kicked off the bench. Judge Pringle was one, Judge Borchers was
another. Statistics show that people with integrity are generally not
welcome in today's political environment. You said that because lawyers
have shaped this country by writing the Constitution, they are properly
rewarded financially "with power and great prosperity". It should be noted
here, that the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Statesmen
and landowners, not lawyers and they died destitute. It was the
Declaration of Independence which was the foundation to this country - not
the lame constitution with the clever legalese which voids the entire
document. (Hence, the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the
Emergency Powers Act, and the resulting {perfectly constitutional}
elimination of citizen rights). Those signers [of the Declaration of
Independence] were prosecuted as traitors and left homeless and destitute
at the end of the revolution (sort of like me and those like me.) The
Constitution is a sad compromise to the Declaration of Independence. The
constitution was, indeed written by lawyers and pretty much gutted the
intent of the Declaration of Independence. Nonetheless, as guardians of
the constitution, you point out that you and your educated colleagues must
give something in return for the power and financial rewards they enjoy as
members of the legal profession and guardians of the rule of law. You say,
"we [lawyers and judges] have an obligation to sustain the Republic. You
paint a noble and marvelous picture for your audience - they must start
drooling right about here. What you omit is that the "financial rewards
and power" you speak of is the seed to the corruption which prevails
throughout your current legal profession - unless you want to be the
catalyst of change. ( I hereby invite you to work with me to speak out
against judicial tyranny such as exposed in my book and videotape.)
Nevermind. I know you will say you "can't". Pick a reason: "conflict",
"political", "I'm impartial" etc. By now you must be very angry at my
nerve and apparent impertinence. I bet if you seek counsel from your
colleagues for a suitable response to me, they will advise that you should
"NEVER" have agreed to interface with the great unwashed in the first
place. Why did you allow your speech to be recorded to get into the hands
of the likes of me!!! But if you do respond, I shall be most impressed and
give your comments my undivided and sincere attention. I have so much
"nerve" to write like this only because your colleagues have made it
possible. They have taken everything from me, illegally, so there's
nothing for me to protect anymore by turning a blind eye to official
abuse. Worse than that, they have destroyed the lives of my children. Talk
about a motivating factor to speak out against abuse. The quality of my
children's lives are really pretty bad now - not because of what I did -
but because of illegal court orders and the failure of appeal remedies. I
am now the proverbial loose cannon on the deck, rolling around and waiting
for impact with a target that fails to avoid me. When I speak of "your
colleagues", I specifically mean William Downes, Daniel Sparr, Marsha
Kreiger, Donald Cordova (recently deceased), and some judge in Kansas (on
the Court of Appeals) who refused to sign the order in my appeal when I
wrote to her because her name was on the signature line). I don't blame
her, the order from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals was a stupid,
unreasoned cop out, [written by a law student or intern?] It was the type
of order that sweeps the issue under the rug. I guess your colleagues
think that pro se litigants are too "stupid" to figure out when they're
getting stone walled. If you truly meant what you said in your speech,
about supporting the integrity of the rule of law, please contact me. Many
citizens are praying for a spokesperson.

Very sincerely,

Linda Sanders

cc: Judge Borchers, Judge Pringle
Encl: video and book

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