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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Making Our Own Media

Pick A Card ...... Any Card

----- Original Message ----- From: jail4judges
To: Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 12:32 AM
Subject: Refresher Course: SOWING DRAGONS TEETH

������� How do you swell the ranks fast?
������� How do you get a local group started?

�Here's how you do it.

I made up a couple of thousand J.A.I.L. business cards on my own about 10 months ago. (I'm not actually a member and when I started, to my knowledge, there wasn't a single jailer in this county). I started putting them under windshield wipers, on tables in public places, gave them to every store clerk, fast food window person, and everyone else I came in contact with.� (parking lots and litt. tables at gun shows are great) I even walked around and put them on some residential front doors. (and I'm still doing it.)

I did that for several months.� When ever someone asked me what it was about I just said, "It's a cool website - check it out." and walked away. (DON'T TRY TO EXPLAIN IT - just say "check out the site", smile knowingly, and walk away.)

That's all I did, but, lo and behold, I just got a notice (from J.A.I.L.) that there is going to be a big J.A.I.L. rally/protest/demonstration at a court house a few blocks from here. And I haven't been involved in any way - I don't even know the people who are doing it.

It's cheap. (cards were 3 cents each at Office Depot) It works. It's foolproof. Try it. It may take a few months, but the more cards you put out and the more people you get to put out cards, the faster you will see results.

Don't worry about the patriots you know already.� Don't worry about doing any of the organizing yourself.� Just go merrily about your way and distribute as many cards as you conveniently can, and keep on doing it.� The rest will take care of itself.
Here's what you put on the card. (use a white card with black ink.)

(top line small print, name left, address right)
Ron Branson���������������������

(line 2 - "stencil font" large as you can make it and still fit it on the card, this will be the dominant feature on the card and is very impressive in this font)

(line 3 - very small print, close under the above line and right justified)
visit our national web site

(Line 4, in small bold script)
In Florida���������� (or whatever your state is)

Then put your state in Chief's name, phone, and email address, and the Deputy in Chief's as well.
No titles. Just their name, phone, and email.

And on the back, in script, sized to fill the card:

"Have you ever been in court, for any reason ...
and when it was all over ...
�������������� and you were alone in the parking lot,
did you have the feeling ...
��������������� deep in the pit of your stomach that ...
something ...
��������������������� just ...
�������������������������������� wasn't ...
����������������������������������������������� quite ...
������������������������������������������������������������ right?"

This card is NOT for use as a personal business card. It is a tool to make new jailers.� There should be absolutely NO explanatory information on the card.� The website address is sufficiently provocative to make folks curious. The website will make J.A.I.L.ers of them.� You can't do it with a card. Just let the card take them to the site.

Put out a couple of thousand cards. To EVERYBODY.�� When you go to the supermarket, post office, any parking lot, park as far from the door as you can.� Paper two rows of cars on your way to the store. (Usually you can slip the card between the glass and rubber seal on the drivers window.) (the more you do it the faster you get - it takes very little time) And if you are not overloaded with groceries, paper two rows on the way back to your car.

Before long, you will have lots of local people emailing JAIL looking to hook up with each other.

The website is your best recruitment tool. All you have to do is get them to the website. The card will do that.

Do NOT use flyers. People keep business cards - almost forever. They throw away flyers.� If you don't have a group by the time you put out 2000 cards - put out 2000 more. This works, trust me!

Then get each new you hook up with to put out at least 1000 cards at their own expense. (once the card is made up you can just�keep reproducing it. No need to change it or personalize it. Just keep printing and distributing the same card.� Keep doing this and you will be the first state over the top with the J.A.I.L. Law.

How long do you do it? Till at least 10�strangers in a week try to hand you one.

Happy hunting,

posted by Vetzine


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