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Monday, March 10, 2003

War On Kids

"A San Diego Mother scared right out of her rights"

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From: (Kathy)
Date sent: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 01:52:02 -0800 (PST)
Copies to: (friends)
Subject: Re: (Fwd) Helpless and Scared'

I hope that Suzanne you will please kindly pass this letter on for me so
that people can read for their own eyes,and before I go any further let me
first say that my spelling and grammar are not college level and I do
apoligize to those of you who may think because I can not spell as well as
you that you are any better than I am.

Well let me just say that to those of you that have any problems with
Suzannes presentation then I believe you need to step. mindiing your own
:so called" "business" and let this group go on with what they believe
in. And that is to once and for all go where no one has ever had the Guts
to go and that is to Stand Up For Our Rights and Stop letting C.P.S.,
workers who by the way probably saw there position their" job ' in their
local newspaper under "Help Wanted" and if you do not believe me ,then
just pick up your local newspaper, any newspaper and take a gander, you
will see for you self "Social Workers Needed" Ft.Pt,"No experience
necessary" .

Oh boy let me just say thank you to
whom ever is in charge of the hiring of these quote "unquote""
Idiots, stupid, brainless airheads" which i can say that 90 percent
of them that I have met here in San. Diego are slow processing dummys that
have no clue as to what is is even like to be a parent, because most of
them have NO Children .And if you stop and think it makes sence I mean
they work long hours and come on they cant have a family and go home to
them after a long hard day at work ,especally after they have just made a
judgement call on their own "usally' without a court order which by the
way is requured if a child is to be removed from the home, for those of
you who dont know as I did not so many years ago when my life became a
living nightmare thanks to cps and the San Diego Police ,I have to say
thanks so much you guys for wrecking a very good family and literally
ripping our lives apart and throwing us out in the trash to hopefully let
us rot. Well you S.O.B. we did not Rot we are still here and we are
someday going to make you all pay for what you did to our family,all of
you that remotely had a part, in the unjust and totally enethical removal
of my boy and girl will always be the ones who pay for the mistakes that
you , Greedy Sliimy Slithering Dirt Bag Liars .made that day and you know
who you are.

It is you and peole like you that know that Suzanne is just trying
to help people like me the lady who had 2 babies and okay so I used
drugs once in awhile , I didnt drink alcohol like most of you what the
hell is the difference There IS NOT. And for that you all believed that
my children where better off in a foster home , so you took them when i
wasnt prepared a you said if i would go into court and tell the judge i
was unfit and i needed the courts help you all promised me I could have my
kids back as soon as I got out of the 2 weeks program at the hospital.

you LIARS you fooled me and I was so desperate that I fell
for your Lies and there was nothing I could do because I could not go back
in the court and so what was I gonna do and so you all got me in your
screwed up system and what you tortured me and my kids and told my kids
that I did not wan them, and that I liked drugs more than them and you
also told me that "my children did not want to come home" "and that was a
BOLD face lie," and you all got caught, yes right in front of a judge but
he saw no problem with their lies because he also was a Liar and never was
looking out for the best interest of the children or he never would have
le them go on.any further.

But do you think for a minute that anyone got in trouble for the 4
years of hell they put me and my family through Hell No . And its you all
that fear people like Suzanne Shell because you all believe that we live
in this "perfect little world" and children only get taking away
"becausetheir parents" "are really Bad" and that we dont take care of our
kids .

B.S. And you need to "wake the Hell up "and open your eyes" because
perfectly good homes are being ruined while you all just sit back and
"mind you business"

Come On we need YOUR HELP. Now

Please.................................... If you care one iota about what
is for the best interest of the children Then Help Them.

They are being Kidnapped from their parents Legally and there is
nothing we can do because everyone is looking the other way..

Some one stand up just One Judge would be enough to stop all of this from
ever happening and that would be great.And if they could say ok "show me
the parents" and let me hear from them instead of some damn social worker
or attorney who says they are saying it for and in "The best interest of
the children" Let the parents speak, to them about us and our children
speak for then selfs and for once and for once and all I promise you you
will never be sorry, you let us tell you our story at least my story

I can honestly tell you you would not be sorry you heard from
us nor could you ever forget that our story is real and one you would
never regret hearing I PROMISE YOU.Never in my life have I ever felt so
all alone as that day they took my children away.........

And yes by God if I didnt ever think I was a drug addict then I can
honestly tell you that I became a Daily Drug User from that day
forward, I admit I used more than then I ever imagined using in my
life. I went into court and raised my hand and swore under oath that
was I was telling was the truth and nothing but the truth so help
me god........Yes sir and I was flying so high that how could they
not have known ,and lord they never said anything .,Come on these
people took my children so they could give them a better home. Oh my God
, Was my faith in that God ever challenged from that day on .and i
remember asking God every night why why would he let this happen and for
what I didnt really didnt know then, but I do know now ,is that was not
God it was The DEVIL and he works in different ways and you people had
better wake up before he has managed to really screw up this world and our
future leaders.

Wake Up this has to stop this is really happening and finally it is
people like Suzanne Shell and myself who finally want to speak out so the
whole world knows that it is not okay and that it is time they stop taking
kids away from their parents who love them more than life itself and lets
let the truth come out once and for all that they did it because they
wanted to for some reason be it the mother father or whatever reason they
believed that is was the right thing to because so and so told them to
just Come clean once and for all and tell moms like me that I was not a
bad parent as you all have made me to be all these years, hey I am the
one who called the Police for Help when my little girl was being molested
rather than taking the law in my own hands and had I ever known that they
would take my babies away from me I must say that I never would gave made
that call, I would have gone over and dealt with the man on my own terms,
and not done what I believed at that time to be the"Right Thing" the best
thing for m kids they didnt need me in jail for murder,what good would
that be.

So there is my story basically i a Nutshell and there is not a thing i can
do except try to fet one person to hear me out and hopefully the right
person will be listening and hear my story and know that there are others
out here that this is happening to children that really are not in bad
homes that a mistake has been made and some parents are not all bad like
they are saying.Please I beg of whoever reads this story to please pass it
on to someone in your life and share it with them please for me and my
children who by the way are grown up now but never to old to find out that
they did not have a bad Mommy like everyone was saying .I want to hear
them say they are sorry for what they did and that they were wrong for
taking away my children and it was a mistake they are going to try and
make sure does not happen again. And that they will let people like
Suzanne and myself tell their storys and try to help this from ever
happenng to anyone that oes not deserve it.Especially ones that would give
their lifes for their children the ones that really do love them and try
the best they can to do right.

Somebody Please Hear Me,Please.................

My name is Kathy and I am 45 years old and i
have 2 very good kids who are all i live for who are now grown and
ready to make familys of their own and i pray that this never happens to
any one ever again.I promise to bever stop untill i believe I have told
the world my story.and then i can write The End.

A San Diego Mother scared right out of her rights
from being a parent a mom to the 2 she only wanted to love when they came
and took them that horrible day............
Kathy A. Benoit
P.O. box 17369
San Diego Ca. 92117

------- End of forwarded message -------

posted by Vetzine


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