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Friday, April 25, 2003

Alex Jones Listener FREED From Thought Police

Subject: Alex Jones Listener FREED
Date sent: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 19:25:04 EDT

Hey Butch,
Thanks!! After 9 days of involuntary incarceration at a Chicago area
mental health facility, Robert More was released today. The State's
Attorney's office decided after numerous phone calls inquiring about
Robert More's incarceration, and the facts that they did not do, due
diligence in investigating the veracity of the claims made against him,
they decided to withdraw the petition to involuntarily commit Robert More.
The advocate Laural Spawn did a marvelous job of pointing out to the SA
office pretrial, the inaccuracies on the affidavit and petition and the
fact that there were many credible witnesses in Robert's favor ready to
take the stand on his behalf. We thank all those who called the Madden
Mental Health Center and the Illinois State's Attorney's office on
Robert's behalf. There will be an update posted on
tomorrow Friday, 4/25/2003 with details of the case and how this could
affect American patriots in the future.

posted by Vetzine


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