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Monday, April 21, 2003

Listen To Alex Jones ? Ya Gotta Be Crazy !

Subject: Re: (Fwd) Alex Jones Listener Incarcerated For Believing Alex Jone
Date sent: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 22:21:15 EDT

Radio Host Alex Jones Listener Incarcerated For Believing Alex Jones

Contact Tim Wingate 630-782-0156 for further information

For Immediate Release

Please forward this to all interested parties.

This is the first case that I am aware of, of an Alex Jones listener who
has been arrested and taken into mental health custody because he has
believed in and promoted Alex Jone's tapes and materials.

I have interviewed Bob and I have it on tape. I have his permission to
distribute this information as widely as possible.

I am available for interview live or on tape concerning this as well.
Friends this is an

A friend of ours Robert J. More has been involuntarily taken into custody
by the Chicago police on a petition signed by a sibling with whom he is
having a legal contention.

According to Illinois law anyone can swear under oath that an individual
is mentally ill and an involuntary emergency commitment to a mental health
facility needs to be done in the interest of protecting that person from
harming himself or others.

The sibling cited that Robert's belief in what radio host Alex Jones
Alex Jones -
promulgates is EVIDENCE that he is

She has used his essay (included below) as evidence of his "mental
illness" as well as his ascetic lifestyle.

Also, according to the law the petitioner swears that they are NOT
involved in litigation with the person. She is.

The judge allowed hearsay & conclusions of law presented by State's
Attorney Arthur Samuels based on the sibling's perjured affidavit and

The penalty for lying on the petition is only a class A misdemeanor. She
lives out of state, coming into Illinois to sign and swear to this

The rest of Robert More's family supports him and not the actions of the

During a hearing on 4/17/03 the court granted, over the vigorous objection
of RJM, the State of Illinois a continuance on the matter. He is being
held over until 4/24/2003 when he is scheduled for another hearing before
a judge.

This man is a legal activist for freedom and is a prolific writer. He is
involved in litigation against the City of Chicago and Cook County.
Therefore the family is concerned that the "powers that be" may hold him
until they can create grounds to neutralize his litigation efforts

His website is hyperlinked here and below.
Thirst For Justice Website

I may not agree with him on all his positions, however it is his RIGHT to
believe and live according to his faith and his rights should not be
infringed, even by a disagreeing family member.

Every one of you is subject to this law. What would happen to your
insurance rates if your "holding for psychiatric evaluation" became known?
What about your ability to own and sell firearms? This is one way to
remove firearms from "we the people." How about your job and future
promotions? What about YOUR REPUTATION? With the new super databases
available, the airlines want access to your records to determine if you
are "fit to fly."

Totalitarian regimes have often used a person eccentricities as an excuse
to incarcerate them thereby incapacitating political dissidents.

The Illinois law is still especially pernicious even with the changes in
2000 brought on by the Shirley Allen debacle in Roby, IL in 1997.

Here is the revised Illinois Law
Public Act 91-0787 of the 91st General Assembly

Here are some sites that deal with abuse of these laws.
The Antipsychiatry Coalition
Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research

Here is the simple request we have concerning this matter:

Please call the State's Attorney's Office 312-603-8600 - File a complaint
against State's Atty. Arthur Samuels for pushing this matter without
diligent investigation of the allegations and demand that Robert J. More
be released, or held with NO UNMONITORED ACTIVITY and

We know how many political prisoners have been harmed thus while in these

Secondly call the John J. Madden Mental Health Center, 708 338-7400,
1200 S 1st Av, Hines, IL 60141,
and inquire about Robert J. More's safety and demand the same things,

Thirst For Justice Website

posted by Vetzine


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