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Friday, April 18, 2003

Live Free Or Die!

Live Free Or Die!
By Christopher Mark
At this point in time, if you have chosen to embrace apathy in the
face of enormous evidence supporting a worldwide conspiracy of
corruption, hegemony, genocide, and controlled chaos aimed at
ushering in regional governments and eventually a single world
government, then you, my friend, have made your choice. Sit back,
crack open a beer, read some banal magazine, or watch the
brainwashing, mind-deadening pap and propaganda device known as
TV�and enjoy a front-seat view of the destruction of the American
Republic as it unfolds in front of your uncaring, unpatriotic, and/or
ignorant eyes.

On the other hand, if you have never heard of the fact that the
Federal Reserve is not federal �...if you have never heard that your vote
is being electronically stolen �...if you have never heard that the
current executive office is occupied by a fraudulently elected man whose
family has had profitable business dealings with former Nazi Germany...if
you have never heard that this same family has been busy facilitating the
arming and subsequent destruction of the most despotic individuals and
regimes on the face of the planet at the behest of the international
bankers who stand behind them...and if you are distinctly unaware that at
the present time this same occultist family continues to cloak themselves
in the veil of patriotism, despite an undeniably treasonous, bloodthirsty
dedication to destroying human life, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights
spanning three generations ��then, you, my friend, need to make a choice.

Will it be liberty...or, will it be death? For as an individual or as a
nation, we are all dead in the absence of our God-given rights expressed
in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Can you handle this truth?

If you take our rights (what remain) for granted, it is not
unreasonable to declare you a fool and unworthy of your status as an
American Citizen. However, if you do not take your rights for granted and
fully realize that the very freedoms for which this nation once stood are
being usurped on a daily basis�in the name of preserving these same
freedoms no less...and you know full well that liberty must be cared for
and nurtured daily, lest it perish forever, then you must ask yourself

�What can I do?�

Perhaps you are already doing something. Perhaps you have written
letters to the editor of a local or national newspaper. Perhaps you
have had the courage write a member of Congress for the purpose of
inquiring as to why he/she has voted or is considering voting for
wholly unconstitutional acts, such as the USA PATRIOT Act and
Homeland Security Act, and future versions waiting in the wings.

Perhaps you have started a website aimed at educating your fellow
citizens about what is happening in America and reminding your
neighbors of the values so eloquently reflected in the Constitution
and Bill of Rights.

Perhaps you are a member of a musical band or other artist (for
example, see the graphic song/video The War Song at who has
uniquely expressed the truth to the audience you have been capable of

Perhaps you stand on a soapbox every week on a street corner speaking to
whomever will listen regarding the planned destruction of America. In all
such instances, if so, you are to be applauded for your courageous
patriotism; but, you must continue, ceaselessly.

Still, the time will come soon enough, whether or not we like it,
where, indeed, brother will be pitted against brother, sister against
sister, and family against family. In the New Amerika, you WILL have to
make a choice�it has already begun�as to whether you will be fully aware
or completely ignorant of the truth...will you embrace the destruction of
the sovereignty of America and just go along to get along? Are you already
doing so? (Maybe you might be easily convinced that �Hey...what we need to
do is to give more power to the United Nations...the problems of the world
are just too big for one country to handle.�)

The time of reckoning is approaching. I would like to say (as I once
could, back in the comparably innocent 1980s and 90s) that I am still
capable of infinite patience with those who mock or do not accept the
hideous, plain, and obvious planned destruction of our entire society and
way of life in this country�and throughout the world for that matter. The
truth? I am still patient.

Yet, when the Pavlovian-like hounds of Homeland Security, FEMA, or
the MJTF (Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force) or some other
unconstitutional entity come kicking in my door because of my
allegiance to a couple of old, dusty documents known as the
Constitution and Bill of Rights, which so strongly impede the final
path to world government...I am confident that the very same person
who mocks and denies, today, will watch, tomorrow, as patriots are
dragged from their cars and homes�and do nothing. For that person,
is, in reality, a coward! Think I am paranoid? Sure, that must be
it...and thanks to our �conservative� leaders we still have a 4th
Amendment too, right? Wrong! (See,, and and please wake up.
Or, if you are awake, please awaken your friends and community.)

No true patriot is a coward. To have fears and even great fears is
natural. To be unwilling to attempt to overcome one�s fears is the
mark of complete cowardice. No true patriot will fail to endeavor to
personally understand, embrace, and protect the Constitution for the
United States of America and The Bill of Rights�and furthermore to teach
others of the values espoused therein. In fact, it is your duty.

Ask yourself who or what are you? Who are your friends? What are you doing
with this gift of life? As an American, how dare you fail to protect
liberty and freedom, right here at home, while the overwhelmingly majority
of the world has never so much as tasted a drop of what so many Americans
simply take for granted?


And if you be a coward, my friend, then I do pray that your shackles of
denial and/or ignorance do not burden you too greatly. I pray that you
continue to pay your taxes to the �Federal� Reserve while the men who
stand behind our facade of a government (and governments throughout the
world) make a mockery of what was once the greatest nation on earth. I
pray you continue to cower in your bed each night while you recite the
endless excuses which permit you to rationalize your failure to deal with
reality...�I can�t lose my job...people will think I�m crazy...I�ll lose
my friends...I won�t fit in...I just need to pay my bills...I can�t deal
with all of this right now!�

Go on...coward. Just try to look at yourself in the mirror before you
drive off in the car you do not own, to the job you desperately depend
upon, which only allows you to live paycheck to paycheck. (Got freedom?
Got liberty? Are you so sure?) Go ahead and tell yourself that you are a
patriot as you eye your made-in-communist-China-
courtesy-of-slave-child-prison-labor �American� flag upon your wall, front
door, house, or automobile. I dare you. If you live with such a coward,
who is unwilling or unable to change, how I pity and pray for you.

History will eventually record the unimaginably bloody and greedy
deeds of the rich men of the earth who have so masterfully
manipulated nation after nation, for generations, including and
especially, America. But what will your own family history record?
Will your not-yet-born great, great grandchildren be able to look at an
old photo of you and remark how you fought to preserve their
freedom...their liberty? Or will an old family photo generate remarks rank
with scorn, such as �That�s the one who didn�t do anything when they tried
to take our freedom away.�

�Live Free Or Die!� This is the state motto of New Hampshire. But you know
what? It should be, and, in truth, is, the motto of the United States.
Undoubtedly, the Founding Fathers of this nation would have agreed,
anyway. Patrick Henry made a magnificent speech on March 23, 1775 at St.
John's Church, Richmond, Virginia. As was the custom, Henry addressed the
Convention's president, a Mr. Peyton Randolph, from Williamsburg, and
concluded by saying: �It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter.
Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace�but there is no peace. The war is actually
begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the
clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand
we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is
life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains
and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may
take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!� (I urge you to go
and read the full text of this fantastic speech from the radical, right-wing Patrick Henry.)

There is no doubt that the average American has not a clue about the
history of this nation. (Most Americans, sadly enough, could not
distinguish between phrases from the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the
Communist Manifesto.) Think about it this way: If you are a person without
a memory or a faulty memory, you are completely lost, at the very least,
or highly dependent upon others at best, correct?

Well, I believe that an individual is to a nation as an individual�s
memory is to a nation�s history. America is rapidly losing all knowledge
of her true history, and therefore, as a nation, has gone far astray...and
it is only going to get worse.

Do you actually believe the official version of 9-11, the pretense
for all that is going on in the world today? How many times does our own
government (as have other governments since ancient times) have to create
or facilitate chaos in order to both deprive the people of their rights
and create a premise for increased military spending/acquisition of other
sovereign nations� natural resources�and of course, profit for the elite
and greater centralization of government power?

How many times before we catch on? Do you remember the Maine, the
Lusitania, the burning of the Reichstag, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and
the Gulf of Tonkin incidents? The original, official versions of these
events have long since been debunked. Our leaders have been and are
liars�and treasonous ones at that. Is it you and your family who benefited
from the wars that followed these government-sponsored events? Or have the
spoils and profits of war gone to the elite, while the average American is
reduced to mere cannon fodder for the super-rich?

Truly, if you do not know or care about the founding documents of
this country...if you do not know or care to learn of the very
foundation of America...I have a suggestion for you: Go live in ANY
other nation in the world for while. Go live in England (where there is no
1st Amendment!). Go live in Kuwait or Yemen (where slavery is legal!). Go
live in Zimbabwe (where a brutal dictator is busy slaughtering and
starving half of the country�s population). Go live in just about any
Latin American nation, North Korea, or China (where doors are kicked in
during the middle of the night, in order that husbands and wives may be
torn from their houses and families to be tortured and perhaps never seen

Maybe then, you will come back home, my friend, and come to
appreciate, with goose bumps that reflect a sense of dedication and
duty to learn, know, and understand The Declaration of Independence, The
Constitution for the United States of America, and The Bill of Rights (to
include the Preamble). After some time away (if you should survive), I am
quite sure you would then understand the need to pass on this knowledge to
your family and friends. You might also begin to wonder why our so-called
elected representatives are busy passing unconstitutional legislation on
an almost daily basis. You might also begin to wonder why comprehensive
teaching of this nation�s founding documents is not mandatory in our
public schools.

In the end, you might also begin to start thinking for yourself,
questioning your employer�s policies, questioning your local
leadership, questioning the media, and, overall, paying greater
attention to, and becoming more involved, as pertaining to the
consequences of public policies�as should all citizens. In fact, you may
begin to understand what is really going on. For goodness sakes, you might
become a genuine radical and thought criminal...just like Samuel Adams,
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington...Paul Revere and so many others. might even feel, deep in your bones, the mighty thunder and
truth of the words �...give me liberty or give me death!�

Let me hear you say it:



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Burke (1784)

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