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Monday, June 02, 2003

Help Needed For Whistle-blower

Date sent: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 09:20:34 EDT
Subject: Court watchers and calls needed
Copies to:

On Wednesday, June 4th, 2003, Linda Kennedy will be confronting the
Virginia Supreme Court regarding their ignoring due process rights of the
people, even to the extent of the Supreme Court permitting the Virginia
State Bar to perjure itself, and then allowing the bar and the hand picked
judges to re-write the transcripts in the Kennedy case, in order to
justify the lynching. And yes, after all this, the Supreme Court refused
to preserve the actual record in the lower court which was different than
the altered transcripts, in spite of Kennedy having dug in the garbage
cans of the culprits, pulling out the actual alterations. Two
courtwatchers also taped the proceedings and guess what--the tapes don't
match the transcripts as the written record is totally and completely
different in some major areas of the trail record (what a surprise).

As an example, all the perjury that Kennedy caught the head of the
ethics department at the Virginia State Bar in has mysteriously
disappeared. The FBI says they are aware of the problem with
altered records but have done nothing to police this crime against
the people.

Kennedy often talks about "Plan B: What to do when the law and facts
don't matter." Kennedy has been applying these principles and needs our
help for these last steps. Kennedy has spoken for many, many people and
has helped many without requesting anything in return. Kennedy now needs
us to say thanks and to help her. If you cannot be present at this
hearing (address given below), then you can do the following:

Call the Virginia Supreme Court at (804) 786-2251, and
then the

Virginia Attorney General's office (who is defending the criminal
activities of the state bar and judges) at 804 786-2071,

and make it known that you are protesting that "The People's Lawyer"--Linda
Kennedy, is being wrongly attacked and targeted for speaking against
the system, and that it needs to stop now.

Address of the Virginia Supreme Court:
100 North 9th Street
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 786-2251

Possible signs to bring:

Stop the Virginia State Bar
Thanks Linda Kennedy for fighting the VSB
Keep the word "attorney" b4 the name Linda Kennedy
When is the court going to speak for justice?
We love Linda Kennedy
Linda Kennedy for VSB President
Linda Kennedy for Supreme Court Justice
Stop persecuting Linda Kennedy
Disbar the Virginia State Bar
Why is the Virginia State Bar allowed to change
transcripts? Why is it ok for VSB's James Mccauley to
commit perjury? Why is VSB's Paul Georgiaidis not being
investigated by the VSB? Why is Judge Glen Tyler still a

Thanks and contact me here if you have questions, have called or can
make the hearing. Mary

posted by Vetzine


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