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Monday, June 02, 2003

Let's Help A Whistle-blower

Date sent: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 21:08:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Suzanne, JAIL4Judges"
Subject: Help Needed For Whistleblowing Attorney
Copies to:

Help! Let's help a whistleblowingattorney trying to expose
corruption in the courts by making a phone call (see below).

Please make a phone call June 4on behalf of attorney Linda Kennedy
who has been fighting in the Virginia courts for justice and
receiving a backlash, and the court has tried to disbar her for her
outspokenness and catching the courts in corruption ... She goes to
court June 4; let's give her our support by phoning the courthouse to
learn the status of her case, and to let them know that many are out
here are keeping tabs on what they are doing to her. We need to
support such whistleblowers who stick their necks out in an effort to
expose deceit in the courts ....

Suzanne LeBoeuf wrote:
To: "friends"
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 21:58:09 -0500
Subject: Help Needed

Help Needed

Linda Kennedy is requesting Court Watchers to attend
her hearing at the Supreme Court of Virginia

On Wednesday June 4 at 8:30am

100 N 9th St
Richmond VA

If you cannot attend please pass this on to others
and call the Court Clerk 804 786-2251
ask the clerk for the status of the case


Press Release

Sunday June 1 03
For Immediate Release


Linda Kennedy
Office: 416 London Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

Whistle-blower's Lawyer Blows Whistle
On Virginia BAR

On Wednesday June 4 at 8:30am in Richmond VA
Portsmouth Attorney Linda Kennedy will bring
The VA BAR and the Virginia Legal Establishment
which has attempted to disbar her. In the course of their
effort, Kennedy alledges that the VA BAR and certain Judges
changed court transcripts. She says that Court Watchers
attending the hearings had taped the sessions and that she went
through the court's trash to obtain further evidence of tampering.

Kennedy goes on to say, "I have supplied the Supreme Court
with the evidence. It will be interesting to see what they do with

One of Kennedy's court room techniques that the Old Boy
Network finds especially distressing is her habit of inviting
the General Public to attend Court and view the proceedings.
Her own case is no exception.

Says Kennedy, "Many in the profession want to run the courts
as a private club with admission for members only.
I therefore invite everyone to attend.
Citizens, Activists, Whistle-blowers, Court Watchers and the Media,
school groups, church groups, business clubs and scout groups
all are urged to come see how 'Justice' is done.

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