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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Phone Tree Help Site For Victims Of The Vortex
You or your's may be next Pilgrim

Phone Tree
For those caught in the "litigation vortex" (quote by attorney Linda Kennedy)

The purpose of the site is to show the courts our public concern about their court litigants.

Case information will be listed here so that those wishing to phone the courts on their behalf, both before and after their court appearances, will receive our support.� Making polite phone calls and sending emails asking the status of each person's court case will help to let the courts know that a concerned pulic is watching their cases.� Keep court contacts on behalf of these people polite to be of the best service to each court litigant listed here.�

If you would like to have the Phone Tree make phone calls on your behalf, please send your case name and number, your name, city, state, and a few lines about your case if you like, to
' '
and write PHONE TREE in the subject line.

If you would like to be on the Phone Tree that gets notifications of phone calls that need to be made, and are willing to make phone calls and send emails, please say so in your email to
' '
with PHONE TREE in the subject line.�
You will then receive email notifications of persons needing phone calls and emails sent on their behalf.� Remember to send prayers too�if you are so inclined.

Due to the high volume of Phone Tree users anticipated, more help will be needed to send out emails and answer emails, and also to update this website.�� If you are willing to help do these things to keep the Phone Tree readily available and working, please contact
' '
with PHONE TREE in the subject line
with your name, and a note about what help you are willing to do.
Please send information about the Phone Tree far and wide so we can get the best results from its use.
Thank you.

What is the "Litigation Vortex"?
"Litigation Vortex" refers to the system of corrupt
practices established within the Courts that is
designed to take the Wealth, Freedom and Life of any
designated Victim of the Establishment that is brought into it.
Lawyer Linda Kennedy has enraged the
Predators Of Profit for having exposed, in detail, the
inner workings of this pernicious plot.
Read her description of what you and your's face when you
have your day in court.

The Phone Tree is a way to join in an effort extract the Victims from the Vortex.


posted by Vetzine


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