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Thursday, July 10, 2003

The Foodstapo Is Forming...But First Come The Fat Police

Food Is Power

"In so many poorer countries food is money, food is
power. In some of our most successful food-aid projects,
we literally pay families who do not believe in educating
their daughters to send those girls to school. . . .
"Yes, it's bribery. We don't apologize for that. We are
changing behavior, we are giving hope and opportunity to
young girls - and that is all that counts."
-- Catherine Bertini, the executive director of the UN's
World Food Program from the Montreal Gazette
dated October 23, 1995

The infostructure is now being installed in all sources of
the food supply to control the quality and amount of the food
that will be allowed the individual.

Yes, you will eat your Frankenfoods Comrade.

How long will it be before your market is patrolled
by Jackbooted Thugs armed with Burpguns?

As with, 'The Great Smoke Out" and other mass manipulation
efforts, the lemmings must be taught to fear before they will accept
open control, thus the fear campaigns and the first entrance
on the stage of The Fat Police

"It's The Food and Water Stoopid"


Vetzine thanks the excellent print newspaper,
The American Family Voice
for this important report


By Jane Williams

The Arkansas General Assembly found time to pass House Bill 1583
before it adjourned. The bill is now commonly called "THE OBESITY
ACT". This act creates a child health advisory committee to
coordinate statewide efforts to combat childhood obesity and related
illnesses and to improve the health of the next generation of
Arkansawyers. This 15 member committee will be appointed by the Director
of the Department of Health. Although the members will meet at least
monthly and serve without salary, they will be eligible for expense
reimbursement. Office space and staff for the committee will be provided
by the Department of Health. This committee will make recommendations to
the State Board of Education and the State Board of Health consistent with
the intent and purpose of Arkansas Code Title 29, Chapter 7, Subchapter 1
(6-7-117 through 6-7-119).

"The Committee shall develop nutrition and physical activity
standards and policy recommendations with consideration of the
following:..." Basically the following consists of anything having to do
with activity and food even down to fundraisers and physical education
curriculum. [The barn door is wide open for more control from Little Rock
by unelected individuals who for the most part probably know little about
education, especially physical education, or nutrition.]

Along with the committee the bill authorizes the Department of
Education to hire 3 individuals to plan, develop, implement, and
evaluate pilot and model programs. [I thought the State was short on

Beginning with the 2003-2004 school year all districts shall prohibit
elementary students in-school access to vending machines offering food and
beverages. [Is something wrong with a vending machine that provides fruit,
water, juice or milk?] Schools must now include in their annual report,
"the amounts and specific sources of funds received and expenditures made
from competitive food and beverage contracts."

Since teachers have nothing else to do, they will be required to
include on the report card the annual body mass index percentile by
age for the student.

[This means more time and money for developing a new report card as
well as the instruments needed for determining body mass index and
teaching the teachers how to determine body mass index. Anybody can
look at a child and tell if they are fat or skinny. Now students will get
a fat grade based on a percentile. Fat kids will probably be teased even
more. That teasing and grade will not convince the child to drop pounds,
but more than likely it will cause them to be more unhappy and eat more.
Food becomes a friend that tastes good and doesn't tease. Binge eating,
like scarfing down a dozen donuts and hoping no one sees, will more than
likely increase. Some students will probably become anorectic as they
strive for that skinny low body mass index percentile while others will
become bulimic trying to get a better percentile score by vomiting and
using laxatives. If you think these comments are far fetched, take a look
at what high school wrestlers often do to wrestle in a desired weight
class. Gorging to move up a class for the next meet is common. Stopping
eating, sweating off pounds, taking diuretics, taking laxatives and
ceasing intake of liquids to drop a weight class for a given meet are
common practices and sad to say are condoned by some coaches.]

In the school year 2004-2005, "the Department of Education shall
begin the implementation of the standards developed by the committee and
approved by the Department of Education; and annually monitor and evaluate
the implementation and effectiveness of the nutrition and physical
education standards. Every school district shall, "Convene a school
nutrition and physical activity advisory committee that shall include
members from the school district governing boards, school administrators,
food service personnel, teacher organizations, parents, students, and
professional groups such as nurses and community members to help raise
awareness of the importance of nutrition and physical activity; and assist
in the development of local policies that address issues and goals,
including, but not limited to the following:..." Basically the following
consists of raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and physical
activity, developing local policies, assisting with implementation of
standards, integrating nutrition and physical activity into the overall
curriculum, ensuring in-service training in these areas, improving the
quality of physical education curricula, increasing the training of
physical education teachers, enforcing existing physical education
requirements and pursuing contracts that encourage healthy eating and
reduce school dependence on profits from the sale of foods of minimal
nutritional value.

Also in the school year 2004-2005 every school district will begin
the implementation of standards developed by the committee and
approved, require that goals and objectives for nutrition and
physical activity be incorporated into the annual school planning and
reporting process. The Department of Education and the Department of
Health shall report annually on standards implementation to the co- chairs
of the House and Senate Interim Committees on Public Health, Welfare, and

[All these years, as a teacher, I must have been under the misguided
assumption that the purpose of the public school was for children to learn
to read and write, figure math, learn history and learn about government
and geography. A lot of tax dollars must have been wasted on my salary. To
me it seems that turning off the television and sending children outside
to play would be more cost effective and beneficial to health. Mothers
preparing a good breakfast for their children of a morning and kissing
them as they walk out the door to walk to school with their fruit snack,
thermos bottle and lunch bag in hand just might also be more cost
effective and beneficial to health. Does the school really need to serve
as the fat police and a food service provider at tax payer's expense?]

Reprinted with permission from American Family Voice, P. O. Box 127,
Russellville, AR 72811. To subscribe, send check, cash, or money order:
$17/1 year. ~ $12/6 months.

posted by Vetzine


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