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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Join Phone Tree
Call For Justice


Dear Members,
I am Philip Mann, and I'm sure alot of you know of my battle for justice
from reading my website

and the attached petition

. I am asking for your help on Weds. July
9th - in the way of making a phonecall. Judge Paul Czajka is the judge in
my Surrogate Court case against the trustees of my father's estate. He
made up his mind he was going to bury me one afternoon when I refused his
demand that I settle with the trustees without a proper accounting of the
trust. He told my lawyer, Thomas Benton, "Tell Phil I'll remember that
when it comes time for trial." That s.o.b. gave away the money my father
saved a lfetime, literally, to leave to his children, and he gave it to
the trustee accused of stealing from the trust and perjuring herself. I
don't think you can get anymore crooked than that. He taught me a lesson
alright; a crooked judge can get away with almost anything! Now is the
time to hold this judge accountable for his misdeeds. I'm asking
everybody, and everybody you can get, to call the judge above Judge Czajka
and express your disgust with the way this "judge" is running his court.

I took out a fraud lawsuit, in Supreme Court, against the allegedly
crooked lawyers who concocted the scheme which disinherited my family, and
by the grace of God it was scheduled with another judge, Judge Christian
Hummel. Judge Czajka managed to get Judge Hummel off the case so Judge
Czajka could have it - and now it's assigned to Judge Czajka. He's got the
case in Surrogate's Court, and he reached over and took the case in
Supreme Court which was already assigned to another Judge. THIS IS JUST

The judge above Judge Czajka is Judge Trafficanti. I will ask everyone and
their mother to please call Judge Trafficanti on Weds. July 9, AND

Judge Czajka should never have been allowed to switch the other judge off
the Supreme court case and put himself on it. Never!

Please call Judge Trafficanti and ask for the original judge, Judge
Christian Hummel, to be put back on the case.

Judge Trafficanti - phone no. 1 518 474 3828
his fax is 1 518 473 5514.

Thank you all in advance for your efforts. Show these people our tax
dollars are paying them - not to be crooked!

posted by Vetzine


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