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Thursday, July 03, 2003

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Call For Justice

2 cases:
Home Rule law-right to bear arms.
Response to Motion to Strike Notice of Appeal.

Case 1
Case # 01GS606306 General Sessions Courtroom 151P
County Court
City and County of Denver, Colorado
1437 Bannock St. Rm 140
Denver CO 80202
Tele# 720-865-8010
Fax# 720-865-8265
Judicial Administrator ? Judge Robert Patterson
City Attorney J. Wallace Wortham, Jr. # 5969
Assistant City Attorneys James C. Thomas # 13583
Paul W. Puckett # 5885
201 W. Colfax Ave # 1207
Denver, CO 80202
Tele# 720-913-8050
Fax# 720-913-8010
Name: as given on court case ?
Richard (I go by Rick) Stanley
Address 6280 E. 39th AveDenver, CO 80203
Tele# 303-329-0481Fax# 303-329-0498
Date of court appearance for sentencing: June 26, 2003
Charge: open carry of a holstered weapon within the citylimits of Denver prohibited by city HR laws. ?Home Rule? law was used to overrule state constitutionallaw and national constitutional which guarantees the rightto keep and bear arms. Case has gone through county courts, and is in the appeals process ? case was denied being heard by the Colorado Supreme Court and is now at the Colorado Court of Appeals. (SB 25 was instituted in April/May of this year by Gov. Owens which was to enforce and uphold the already guaranteedright to keep and bear arms and to not allow city ?home rule laws? or municipality ?home rule laws? to supercedestate and national constitutional laws) Judge is pushingto impose sentencing and ignoring the appeals process. For the full extent of what has gone on please go to my website:

and look under Denver Gun Cases.

Case 2
Colorado Court of Appeals2 East 14th Street 3rd floorDenver, Colorado 80203
Tele# 303-837-3785
City Attorney ? J. Wallace Wortham # 5969
Assistant City Attorneys ?
James C. Thomas, # 13583Paul
W. Puckett # 5885201 W. Colfax Ave Dept 1207 Case # 03CA1130
Charge: See above case This case was appealed tothe Colorado Court of Appeals after the Colorado Supreme Court denied Writ of Certiorari for this case. Colorado Court of Appeals has responded with a Motion to Strike Notice of Appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals. I have responded with a Response to Motion to Strike Notice of Appeal. For more complete details, please see my website

under Denver Gun Case and Colorado Supreme Court Case and Colorado Court of Appeals. Please respond via email that you have received this email and have gone to my website to review over the cases themselves.Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist

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