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Friday, July 04, 2003

Join Phone Tree
Call For Justice

Stolen 7yr old.
Kidnapped by CPS in Santa Clara County

Here's my story:
I am a mother of 7. I have a long history of drug abuse and my
crimminal record is not long. I have been busted once and then I
called 911 on myself. This is where the real nightmare begins.
March 13, 2000..I am arrested for under the influence. They take my
3yr old to the shelter. Walked him right past his two older brother,
one 18 the other 23. Neither have a drug history.
I spent the next 21/2 yrs doing everything I could possibly do to get
my son home. Completed all the classes, did intensive drug treatment,
domestic violence classes, therapy, 12 step, parenting, got into a
support group for duel diagnosis, Got a job, my own place, everything
I could possibly do. I was faced with a lying DA investigator who
backed up a lying social worker. Even have them lying on transcript.
They accused me of still using even though no test ever came back
dirty, they said my doctor wasn't credible, yet neither one of them
were qualified to make that sort of diagnosis. the list goes on and
on. They described my son as blonde hair, blue eyes, round
face...adorable, adoptable....the judge told me that "sometimes kids
come home before the are eighteen and sometimes they don't. Just take
it one day at a time and good luck". My son went from a healthy happy
3yr old to getting asthuma, wetting his pants day and night, becoming
a little rascist, stealing and the last time he was seen, he was
hysterically crying and begging to come home to his mom. Said he did
not want that lady to adopt him. He was embarrassed because also, the
shelter sent him to the visit with no underwear on. This is a child,
who was very proud of himself and was always dressed to kill...had
everything...HAD...The DA still fights on appeal stating that my son
is now calling his fost/adopt mom, mother and that he wants to change
his name and does not even want to visit with me ever again. And you
think the Justices will believe that? Sure they will. This case has
been the perfect example of a LYING social worker. She has NOTHING to
prove anything she has allegated. HOwever, I was able to produce
documentation, witnesses and also can show the transcripts where she
fumbled in her statements and still the judge ruled in her favor.
This little boy is mine...not the County of Santa Clara's and I want
him back!!! It's been one year now...I have one appeal in the Supreme
Court and one left in the 6th district which should be denied anyday
now...I already know those Justices are literally picking it apart
line by line to dispute and come up with an answer to everything the
social worker lied about...

Will Lightborne, the director of Social Services

here can stop this and do what is right. A stipulated
reversal based on the social workers lies. Please help me to convince
him to do the right thing.

His number is (408)491-6800.

This man will say that he has no control once the case goes before the Judges or
the Justices but that is not true. He can stop this. He just has to
show some honesty...and the willingness to do his job as to the best
interest of a child. Thanks for your support...

Terri Cook

posted by Vetzine


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