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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Join Phone Tree
Call For Justice

Allaura being moved away from her father

Roz Bateman: 707-565-2571 (Judge Bertoli's Judicial Asst.)

Case # SFL 942963 of 9 year old Allaura Forczek. Child's Attorney Trish Nugent cannot be trusted and must be taken off the case of Allaura Forczek, for she is misleading Judge Bertoli and freeloading money from Sonoma County, California(over $60,000 so far).

Allaura has been harmed in the last year of intentional separation from her strong bond with father, family, and school, and needs to be saved from further alienation. Her new school grades and health records speak clearly and have been hidden from the Court. Julie Thomson's motivation for moving to Oregon shows "bad faith" intentions and fraud, sabotaging the (unjustified) supervised visits, based on years of behind the scenes false allegations, and hearsay declarations. Court orders must be rescinded immediately, and an impartial expert psychologist must evaluate Allaura and reveal the truth. Do not ignore the Affidavit of supreme court expert witness Dr. Ralph Underwager who sees Allaura being harmed now and as an adult. Please let us know when you called by emailing ... you can make a difference to our child's life.

Child Custody Case

Summary: Case began in 1987 when Suzanne LeBoeuf's 9-month old baby was taken by fraud on the stipulation order by attorney Daniel Russo, Suzanne's attorney charged her mysterious fees, was no help. Suzanne had taken her baby to a domestic violence shelter to escape domestic violence; the police report has the father, Wayne Kohler, admitting to choking Suzanne, and the police report was submitted to the court.
Years later, Suzanne comes back to court (she had to recuperate), and Suzanne goes to court to get visitation and was given 10% visitation. For over a year, Suzanne has not seen nor heard from her daughter, now age 16, and contact with her daughter has been frustrated since the child was a baby. The court has favored the father entirely, and has charged Suzanne with several counts of contempt of non-payment of child support and has sent Suzanne bills totalling now over $12,000 in "back due" child support. The child support dept., district attorney and court have put a lien on Suzanne's condo.

Solano County Superior Court, California
Case # SF047563, "Kohler v. Kohler (AKA LeBoeuf)"
Judge: Commissioner Chew
phone: 707-421-7450, no email listed.
Ask, "Is it Commissioner Chew's practice to protect batterer's and deny visitation to their victim?" "Is it Commissioner Chew's practice to ignore evidence of domestic violence, fraud and the ongoing denial of visitation to the mother? The mother has not heard from her daughter in over one year and is having to pay her batterer child support.
Is this what the family codes outline?"

David Paulson, Solano County District Attorney
Solano County Superior Court Case # SF047563, "Kohler v. Kohler (AKA LeBoeuf)"
phone: 707-421-6800
Ask, "Is it the usual practice for the district attorney to not prosecute domestic violence when the perpetrator has admitted it on a police report?" "Is it the usual practice for the district attorney to keep ignoring the victim's complaints about domestic violence as well as the batterer denying the victim complete contact with her child for over a year now?"
"Is it the usual practice for the district attorney to protect such batterers who have a history of DUI's and domestic violence, and if so, why are they given preferencial treatment over their victims?"

Dennis Covell, Director, Dept. of Child Support Services, Solano County, Calif.
case # 90066, case name: Suzanne LeBoeuf
phone: 707-421-7210, no email listed.
Ask, "Is it your regular practice to break copyright laws? Ms. LeBoeuf has copyrighted her name and TRADE NAME that your office continues to use after being given proper notice."
"Is it your regular practice to have victims of domestic violence and fraud pay child support to their batterer? I thought the laws were to protect the victim. How is it that your office ignores these laws?"

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