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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Join Phone Tree
Call For Justice

Judicial Cover Up

Court is scheduled for Monday 6/30 at 10:00 but I need
calls on Thursday 6/26 and Fir 6/27 because deals are
being cut outside court right now which will render
the hearing moot. Exposing the cover up is more
important to me than regaining my home. I am homeless
now and have adjusted.

1. Intercoastal Mortgage v. Barbara Abrass
case # 02- CA-2291-14 W
2. Sanford, Florida
18th Circuit Court in and for Seminole County

3. Judge James E.C.Perry (assistant is Dawn)
(407) 665-4378 fax: (407) 330-7193

4. Call the clerk first. Clerk's # (407) 665-4378

I have been driven from my home and my career
destroyed because I protested when bankruptcy judge
Karen S. Jennemann (Orlando) denied me ANY due process
in my bankruptcy hearings. (30 "trials" weaar me
out and punish me). was legal fees
that drove me to bankruptcy.

When I stood up to Jennemann and asked for my rights,
she accused me of fraud in an effort to shut me up. I
spoke out further and appealed her decision. I would
not be humiliated into silence. I had done nothing
wrong. Jennemann then created a "mortgage" on my
homesteaded house. She ordered the trustee to sell
the invented mortgage. She then awarded 71% of the
money collected from the sale to her friends who were
acting as lawyers for the trustee!

The mortgage was foreclosed in State Court (Judge
Perry). I objected as Fed Ct. cannot run around
placing mtgs. on homes. Perry rolled over and let the
mtg. foreclose. The buyers of my home in foreclosure
now want to abandon their purchase as they see they
cannot get clean title. The bankruptcy ct. and the
state court want to hurry to agreement with the buyers
before the hearing on the 30th to a void publicity. A
state judge covering up for a bankruptcy judge's false

I asked for ajury and was denied. Please call and
make it known that you are protesting the deliberate
destruction of reputations and the forced sale of
homes in Fl. in order to line the pockets of lawyers.
and punish people who speak out.I am not the only one
this team has done this to.
Ask how they can give clean title to a home which was
taken in such a dirty manner. If it wasn't dirty, then
why is the state judge covering for the bankru judge?
Ask if they can validate a mtg invented by the illegal
actions of a fed. bank judge.

James EC Perry
18th Circuit Court
Sanford Fl. 32771

posted by Vetzine


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