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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

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"Baby Girl Manley"

Case # 03 JV 106, "Baby Girl Manley", Juvenile Court
Grand Junction, Colorado
Judicial Administrator: Judy Vanderleest, 970-257-3632

This is concerning a case of forced vaccination of a newborn infant in Grand Junction, Colorado. The parents refused in the hospital to have their 1 day old infant vaccinated for Hepatitis B. A sham court 'hearing' was held at night in the hospital where Judge Charles Buss 'ruled' the child be force vaccinated. Then, the family was threatened with the loss of their baby.

For 6 weeks, the family has attempted to get the transcripts from the taped "hearing". The transcripts were paid for 4 weeks ago. The family is pursuing legal action against the perpetrators of this atrocity, however, different attorneys considering the case will not
take the case until they see transcripts. The family has been given excuse after excuse by the judicial administrator, who has tripped over her own lies.

I would like activists to call the judicial administration politely, yet strongly demanding them to release the transcripts to the family, in the original form. The "hearing" was taped, however, they won't release the tape so that we can make sure the transcripts are not "doctored".

Thank you.

Dr. Sara Chase

For anyone who would like more details on the story of the forced vaccination case of Case # 03 JV 106, Baby Girl Manley, here is a website:

Property Rights Case, Maine

I am involved in a property rights case in the York County Superior Court, Alfred Maine.

The first filing (June 2002) against the City of Biddeford has not yet been heard. Docket # AP-02-036 Clerk of the Court, Diane Hill (207)324-5122.

However, a FED (forcible entry and detainer) was filed (July 22, 2002) against me. A hearing was held in the district court, judgement for the plaintiff; I appealed to the superior court, appealed denied; I filed a timely appeal with the Maine Supreme Court, the Law Court and an Injunction to stop the issusance of the writ of possession until all hearings, issues, etc. are resolved.

Judge Paul Fritzsche's order issuing the writ "forthwith" is docket # AP-03-012. He can't get away with doing this. He knows there is pending litigation against the city in the very courthouse that he sits.

Maine Supreme Court, the Law Court
Clerk of Court, James Chute (207)822-4146
Docket # YOR-03-292
My brief is due July 9, 2003

I thank all of you for your help. I appreciate your understanding that I must take a firm stand on this.

Dottie Lafortune

posted by Vetzine


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