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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Thought Police An Open Letter To The Secretive FrankenSpies...

Thought Police An Open Letter To The Secretive FrankenSpies...

And An Invitation To Protesters To Protest At This Meeting Of Golem
In Boston on July 16.

The plan of the MIT Auto-ID Center is to place
a secret RFID Tracker Spy Chip in every object on
The Planet and thus control ever Person on The Planet

These are the "little fat men" George Orwell warned us about.

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a
human face - forever." -- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four.

Protest This Mega Madness !
In Boston on July 16 !

Protesters Contact
Katherine Albrecht

RFID chips, tiny tracking devices the size of a grain of dust, can be used
to secretly identify you and the things you're carrying--right through
your clothes, wallet, backpack, or purse. �Have you already taken one home
with you?
-- Katherine Albrecht

For The Naked Truth
On RFID Tracker Spy Chips
And"Ultimately this technology will enslave humanity,"
-- Katherine Albrecht


CASPIAN sends open letter to MIT Auto-ID Center Board of Overseers
Seeks full disclosure of all RFID product tagging that affects

(preview copy)

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Dear Members of the MIT Auto-ID Center Board of Overseers:
This week, top executives at the Auto-ID Center affirmed your
organization's commitment to open disclosure of its activities and
documents, as follows:

"We don't have anything to hide, and we're very open with what we
do." - Kevin Ashton, Director, Auto-ID Center (source)

"Pretty much everything we do is public." - Sanjay Sarma, Auto-ID
Center Co-Director (source)

In light of the Auto-ID Center's stated openness policy, CASPIAN is
calling on you, the Center's Board of Overseers, to share information
about item-level RFID product tagging. We believe that consumers have a
right to know when they are interacting with technology that could
compromise their privacy and/or health.

In the spirit of open communication, we respectfully ask you to
provide answers to the following three questions:

What consumer products are currently being individually tagged with RFID

What products have been tagged in the past?

What retail stores are selling or have sold RFID-tagged items to

Please provide specific store location information.

Where can consumers get details about information collected when they
interact with RFID-tagged items at these locations? For example, are
consumers being tracked, videotaped, or photographed?

We look forward to your response to these questions. We would be more than
happy to outline consumer concerns about undisclosed product tagging at
your upcoming CEO Summit in Boston on July 16.

Katherine Albrecht
Founder and Director, CASPIAN

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