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Friday, August 29, 2003

Bring to Light

Bring to Light
opening the door on corruption, a true experience
Three little crimes...

It is hard to perceive that all of what happened is nothing less than a scandal. The shame of scandal should be placed firmly on those in the three different branches of government who not only allowed these crimes happen, but because of their lack of accountability and action, fostered them. There will be three stories presesnted on this web site as a warning to you, the reader, that it can happen. When it does it robs you of everything you have been taught to believe. Like the saying goes, "I love my country, but it is the government I can't trust." You will read how I came to be untrusting of any branch of government, and the people in them.

What this is about

The Emerald City became a "place to be" many years after I moved out West, to have a better life.

What you will read here is about the extext of corruption in a place that once was very beautiful. Over the years those whose greed expressed itself in what they could get for them selves at the expense of others spilled over into everyday life.

There is now a crack in the emerald.

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