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Friday, September 05, 2003

Spy Chip Melody

Techno Song Targets "Spy Chips".

Radio Frequency ID's are a privacy threat. Those ideas have been
turned into a 5 minute dance/electronica song.

A techno song has recently been released which features sound bites taken from Katherine Albrecht's recent appearance on "Coast to Coast" with George Noory.

The song, was written by self styled "Catholic Techno" artist and producer - MLFG.

MLFG says, "I agree with the position that RFID's pose an unnecessary and basically un-disclosed invasion of privacy. Don't get a "preferred shopping card" don't get any credit card with a micro-chip and demand that products that use RFID's be deactivated or 'killed' when leaving the store.

Radio Frequency Identification Devices, or RFID's can be used in
ways, the average consumer hasn't even dreamed of yet."

Those interested in hearing the song can visit:

an MP3 download is also available at that link.

MLFG is working on his second techno/undergound CD and hopes to include this song, or a version of it, on the CD. The CD should be finished late September, 2003.

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