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Monday, September 15, 2003

Thought Police Spy Chip Spin

If you are behind the curve on Spy Chips and their
threat to Enslave Every Person On The Planet,
the piece below may seem innocuous.
It is meant to.
After getting their dirty fingers burned, the Megalomaniacs
who would Rule The World with an electronic Spy Chip in every
object on the Planet are still smarting from the painful surprise
of exposure.

Read it knowing this:

Wal-Mart and Gillette were caught secretly slipping Spy Chips
into customer purchases at the Wal-Mart store
in Brockton Mass. USA ....

Only when exposed to the world and to the resulting fire storm of protest led by Katherine Albrecht of CASPIAN
did Wal-Mart announce that it was going to use the Spy Chips ONLY within it's warehouse supply chain.
Do you believe them?

Gillette, being the slow learner, then sneaked across "The Pond" to England and Tesco, where they were once again caught with their RFIDs down and publicly exposed while spying on customers with Spy Chips hooked up to cameras that snapped secret pics of the unsuspecting customers, as the Spy Chip tracked their movements around the store

"The Watershed Moment", so coyly advocated by the
writer, Mr. Peters, [see article below] may well be a double entendre referring to the massive roll out of the World Wide SPY Chip System scheduled by the Globalist Spy-Meisters for McCormick Place in Chicago
Sept 15-17-03.

Need I predict that Albrecht, and people from all over the world, will be there Exposing and Protesting this Slimy Power Grab by "The Globs"?

Shouldn't You and every interest group to which You belong be there too?

Your Church?
Will it do nothing until the new shipment of Hymnals arrives with the Spy Chips in the spines, already being added by Booksellers and Libraries?
Spy Chips in your Rosary ?
Spy Chips in the vestments of the choir?
Ask your Church Officials NOW to Protest
this Un-Holy Mechanism that is designed to
Name and Number every Object and Person on Earth.
Without it YOU will neither buy nor sell.
Shouldn't your Church be at
McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

Your 2nd Amendment gun group?
The latest generation of Spy Chips is smaller
than a fly speck and just as nasty.
It is ideally suited to tag gunpowder, cases and bullets,
not to mention embedding in Your weapons themselves.
Shouldn't You call Your gun group now and ask them to
participate in the Protest ?
McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

Your Labor Union
Are they waiting till the work place is infested with Spy Chips? In and on all the tools, clothing and equipment you use? Each one tracking the workers movement and triggering hidden spy cam as they pass? Tracking You home from the workplace with Spy Chips in Your car and clothing? If You stop for a "beer and a bump" at "Wimpy's Tavern" your Foreman, General Foreman and Plant Manager as well as the City Police will all know it before the Barkeep can draw the foam!

Shouldn't you contact your Steward, Shop Steward ,
Business Agent, President and VP of your Local NOW,
and ask them to join the protest?
Shouldn't you alert the top people in your International?
Shouldn't you call the Editor of your Union Newsletter?
Shouldn't You and They protest at
McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

Auto Clubs and Car Clubs
Spy Chips are now being placed in cars and car parts
with Readers and Cameras along the roads to
identify YOU and track Your activities.
If Your car can make it to Chicago, shouldn't you
bring a car full of friends with You to protest?
Shouldn't You notify the Members and Officers of
Your Club NOW and ask them to Rally at
McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

Truck Drivers
You Guys are at the top of the list to be infested and watched. Some of you already know that. Shouldn't You be warning everyone on the road that their Rig, ID Cards, Permits, Tags, License and paperwork will soon be Fly Specked with Spy Chips, that Spy Chip readers are being inserted in the roads and will soon be at every truck stop and "Chickecoop" you pass?

That soon every "Bear" out there will sweep You with a reader
that will give him ALL the information that exists on You, Your
Spouse, Your Ex, Your Kids, Your Parents, Your Friends,
Your Fellow Truckers, Your Employer, Your Bank Account
Your Medical Records, Your Fuel and Food Purchases,
what clothing You, Your wife and kids are wearing and where
they are and where they have been.
Yeah, they will even catch that lil bauble you got for that
cute Waitress in Dallas and how you voted in the last election.

Shouldn't You ask every trucker You see on the road to join You in a Convoy to McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

Minority And Community Groups
You are right up there with the truckers as "Early Adopters"
As You know, the Globalist Establishment likes to
start it's oppressions against the general population,
first within the disenfranchised and then enlarge the depredations.

Wal-Mart and Gillette's choice of the largely Latino
population in Brockton, Mass is a typical example.
Do you know that the Feds just recently bought a huge database of private information on Mexican Citizens in Mexico?
Shouldn't you be alerting your Minority and Community
contacts regarding the Spy Chip System that is being aimed first directly at them?

Shouldn't someone be translating the alarm into Spanish, Arabic Polish, German, Russian, Chinese,and every other language in use World Wide? Shouldn't You ask all Minority and Community groups to march in streets at
McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

Civil Rights Groups, Constitutionalist Groups,
States Rights Groups, Legal Reform Groups, Tax Groups,
Third Parties, Political Action Groups and Activists of ALL stripes..

Your activities will end when You and Your fellows are Spy Chipped.
Shouldn't You pass the word NOW, and be at
McCormick Place Chicago
Tuesday Sept 16 10am ?

The Power Mad Megalomaniacs have repeatedly stated
that they intend to Spy Chip The Planet
Shouldn't You inform every contact You have abroad of the menace?

Shouldn't You pass this information on to the Media Everywhere?
Write a note to an Editor?
Call in on a radio talk show?
Call your TV News Editor?

Shouldn't You be covering this, the biggest story in the History of Civilization?
The Plot To Enslave The Planet!

Katherine Albrecht of CASPIAN
is available for interviews with all media, everywhere,
World Wide, regarding the RFID Tracker Spy Chip technology and it's World Wide launch at
McCormick Place Chicago
Sept 15-17-03

She is now scheduling Pro Bono speaking engagements
with Groups in the Chicago area.

Albrecht is an accomplished speaker who has
done interviews from Tasmania to the UK

Alex Jones

Business Week

Albrecht was a smash hit on
Coast To Coast AM Talk Radio
With George Noory

She is interviewed regularly on BBC radio.

Shouldn't You bring this story to Your public NOW?

Media and Groups may contact

Katherine Albrecht, CASPIAN Founder and Director:
(877) 287-5854 or

Liz McIntyre, CASPIAN Communications:
(877) 287-5854 or

Mary Starrett, CASPIAN Media Associate:
(602) 315-6193

for an information

The Present and The Future

The Present

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. It is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become victims of the darkness."
William O. Douglas, Supreme Ct. Justice 1939-1975

For many years the Global Corporate-State has been Spying on You and building a multitude of huge databases on all aspects of Your life. Those databases are now being networked to give a complete picture of you existence. The RFID Tracker Spy Chip System now being launched will tie You to all the information that has been incrementally accumulated over the years, and will feed into the system, real-time information on Your present location and activities.

The growth of this Global Spy System that now breathes down Your neck may have escaped You. It was meant to do so..

Here is one example of the stealthy incremental growth of just
one unit of the Mega-Spy-Mechanism; the aptly named Cell Phone.

If you purchased a Cell Phone when they were first introduced to the unsuspecting public, you were in fashionable company.
O.J. Simpson bought one too.
The Cell Phone was expensive then.
The Yuppie Wannabes were forced to go to K-Mart for
a fake antenna to go on their car roof to remain "Kewel"
at that price level

The first major revelation that both You and O.J. were being
tracked and traced from "Cell" to "Cell', came on TV when they
covered The infamous "Slow Pursuit". Both You and O.J. have been tracked ever since, if you both have continued to use Cell Phones.

For several years Your cell phone, and it's controllers, were content to watch You as You moved from cell to cell. The only cooperation needed from You, to enable them to watch You, was that You keep the battery charged and keep the phone turned "on' to receive incoming calls. Your Spy Phone would sit quietly and "chirp" sending out your ID code and cell location every minute or so.

"Improvements" were sought, and "improvements" were obtained. About two years ago "GPS" was added to your cell phone. Now both You and O.J. were located, within the Cell,
to within a few yards.

Another landmark "improvement" was announced this past month. Both You and O.J. may shut the power "Off" but Your Spy Phone will continue to report Your movements and position anyway.
Isn't that special?

One might think that would be enough control for the Control Freaks. One would be wrong. Just recently it has been proposed that an RFID Tracker Spy Chip be added to Your Spy Phone. With the Spy Chip installed, even removing, or allowing the phone's battery to run down will not help. They will just 'ping" the Spy chip, and there you are..

Along with the upgrades in Spy Power, the cost has been
reduced over time to the point that they are now given away.
You need only sign up for the service and you will be given a
free Cell Phone. One Cell Phone Company now offers
five (5) phones free if you sign up. Now your whole family can be tracked and traced. The result of all this promotion is that
an incredible number of people may now be tracked and traced.

Only one segment of the market has proven resistant to the blandishments of the Spy Phone Marketeers.
The Elderly want no part of it.
What to do? The solution now being tried is this.
A program by which anyone over age 55 may call the
office of the local Sheriff and a deputy will deliver a Spy Phone
to the door... for free.. and the Sheriff will pickup the tab for the monthly service. Does that tell you anything?

"The Globs" Try To Silence Protest

The Future

If You do nothing in the Present, The Borg will control
Your Future.

"You can have all the Feedom You want.
Just stand for Freedom and stand with those
who stand for Freedom."
-- Al Adask Publisher

Ashcroft In Your Undies?
"How would you like it if, for instance, one day you realised your underwear was reporting on your whereabouts?"
-- Senator Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach)
Informational Hearing on RFID Technology and Privacy
California Senate Subcommittee on New Technologies
Monday, August 18, 2003

"How much longer before implants are mandatory by law for all American citizens, and those in the rest of the world?"
-- Nathan Cochrane, deputy technology editor for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

"The greatest evil that mankind has ever faced is among us: a scientifically crafted global dictatorship sworn to enslave every man, woman and child."
-- Alex Jones

These are the "little fat men" George Orwell warned us about.
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." -- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four.

RFID chips, tiny tracking devices the size of a grain of dust, can be used to secretly identify you and the things you're carrying--right through your clothes, wallet, backpack, or purse. �Have you already taken one home with you? -- Katherine Albrecht

Being forewarned, You may now look into the Abyss.
See "The Globs" staring back at you while intoning
"Inevitable, Inevitable".
Hear "The Borgs" scream "Resistance Is Futile!"


The watershed moment for RFID
By Eric Peters
September 7, 2003, 6:00 AM PT

Earlier this summer, Wal-Mart Stores announced that by Jan. 1, 2005, radio frequency identification technology would become a requirement for doing business with the world's largest retailer. A line was drawn in the sand: RFID was going to happen. More recently, Wal-Mart said it would not put RFID technology in retail stores, and a flurry of "not ready for prime time" RFID responses followed. But Wal-Mart's retreat from shelf RFID tags neither suggests a retreat on its earlier commitment to RFID nor a signal for the halt of adoption.

Product level RFID tagging may be years away, but a technology inflection point has been reached. Many companies are now extremely interested in the technology, and the potential is just too attractive to ignore. Globally, RFID will not sell more razors or bars of soap. What it can do, however, is redistribute the market share of the different companies that sell razors and bars of soap.

The costs of not making your supply chain RFID-compliant far outweigh the costs and obstacles of implementation. As with other high-impact technologies, the early adopters will get a disproportionate share of the wealth, and the laggards will be the companies who suffer lost market share.

Wal-Mart's pragmatic decision to start with RFID tags in the
warehouse at the pallet and case level is quite prudent. Instead of rushing into things, Wal-Mart's more measured approach toward RFID offers a good model. Businesses can give suppliers the capability to produce RFID pallet or case labels with minimal technology--a browser session and a remote label printer.

Then, as cases are unloaded from the truck through an RFID receiving portal, all the information associated with the tags gets captured and updated in real time for better inventory visibility. This allows businesses to experience some of the most critical benefits of RFID, including increased inventory accuracy and decreased labor costs within their facility.

As trading partners begin adopting RFID, the focus of labeling at the pallet or case level can then be extended to labeling at the unit level and so on. As with any new or emerging technology, there is incremental value with each step of an RFID implementation.

With Wal-Mart's supplier mandate, the "sixth month rule" is the statement I most often hear from retail executives regarding RFID: "Don't let me get more than six months behind Wal-Mart in RFID adoption." In reality, if you waited to hear Wal-Mart's position on RFID, you are already more than six months behind.

The reality is that if you were waiting to hear Wal-Mart's position on RFID, you are already more than six months behind. The real date for becoming RFID-compliant is August 2004, but realistically, no consumer goods company will internally pilot RFID between September and December 2004. The technology has to be tested before going into the holiday season. This creates a window of approximately one year to design, pilot, test and implement RFID.

The cost of RFID will be distributed across the supply chain and will drive the cost of RFID tags down across the board. Retail compliance means simply that retailers will expect their vendors to comply with their shipping requirements.

If you waited to hear Wal-Mart's position on RFID, you are already more than six months behind. Each link in the supply chain will look for cost savings to help offset the cost of the technology; by the time the carton or pallet gets to the retailer, each supply chain participant will have partially absorbed the RFID cost. Whatever cost cannot be absorbed in the supply chain will then be absorbed through lower margins but will not be passed on as a higher cost to the consumer.

Finally, businesses should understand that there is no "second" 100. Though Wal-Mart's announcement covered its top 100 vendors, every vendor I know that supplies products to Wal-Mart wants to show that it is a good and deserving trading partner. Each one will work hard
to support RFID; they don't want their competition to get there first, and they don't want to have to be asked to comply.

For The Naked Truth
On RFID Tracker Spy Chips

posted by Vetzine


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