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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Beast Of Bentonville

Wal-Mart was caught spying on customers in it's
Brockton Mass. store.
They lied about it.
They swore they did not do it and would never do it again.
They lied twice.
They have been caught spying on customers again,
this time in their Broken Arrow Oklahoma store.
Is Wal-Mart now spying on YOU?

Scandal: Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble Involved in Secret RFID Testing
American consumers used as guinea pigs for controversial technology
The Chicago Sun Times revealed Sunday that consumers purchased Procter & Gamble Lipfinity lipsticks laced with RFID devices. Takeaway message: It's too easy for manufacturers and retailers to slip surveillance devices into products secretly. We need labeling legislation to help protect consumers.

>>>>>>>>See our press release

Disgusted with Procter & Gamble? Click here to get a complete list of their products and ways to contact them. Also, click here to contact Wal-Mart and the Uniform Code Council.

Read some of letters concerned citizens have written.

Do you have an RFID tag in your Lipfinity lipstick package? If you bought Lipfinity at a Broken Arrow Wal-Mart between late March and mid-July of 2003, you may. What's more, if you find one, it's probably live.

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