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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Police State
Free Hunter:
Fight Ohio's Gun-Grabbing Goons

(Hunter, AKA Jeff Jordan, being honored as a Defender of Liberty of the Knights of Non-Aggression)
If you're familiar with the Liberty Round Table, you've probably corresponded with one of our first Knights of Non-Aggression: Hunter.
If you've been to one of our camping get-togethers, an LRT Conclave, you've probably met him. Or if you've been on one of our email discussion lists, you've probably corresponded with him. Even if you haven't, you may have read some of his essays in the Sierra Times, The Price of Liberty, Doing Freedom!, or a number of other publications. Or you might have met him at a Gun Rights Policy Conference, Second Amendment Sisters event, or science fiction convention. Whatever the case may be on that, the key things to know are that Hunter is a marksman, a gunsmith, a concealed weapons permit holder in many states, a man of his word, a steadfast friend, and one of the most dedicated people I know fighting to defend freedom in America.

And now Hunter is in trouble.

On Monday, 12/29/03, Hunter was driving through Ohio, on his way home to New Hampshire after spending Christmas with his family in Kansas. He was pulled over for speeding, realizing too late that he had forgotten to follow his usual procedure and remove the guns he carries, legally in most states. The trooper claims he saw one of Hunter's mag pouches (a perfectly legal item to wear) and searched Hunter with the predictable consequences.

While Hunter was sitting in the Ashland County jail, Ohio State Police were releasing recklessly false speculations about him, including the notion that Hunter was some kind of militia nut, and that one of the electronics in Hunter's SUV they couldn't identify was a "homemade detonator." (Hunter is an amateur radio operator and has all kinds of gadgets and gizmos in his truck --- not to mention all the stuff he uses for his work with a phone company.)

The concealed weapons charge is a felony. Hunter could not only end up spending a lot more time in jail, but he could be banned from owning firearms for the rest of his life. Hunter may choose to fight this head on, and force Ohio to change its anti-self-defense laws, but even a minimum defense, aimed at keeping him out of jail and able to keep and bear arms, will be costly.

Hunter is working with a SAF-recommended attorney in Ohio, James E. Brightbill. Several LRTers have spoken with him and he strikes us all as being very competent. He's also retained Marc Victor, the famous libertarian Phoenix-area criminal defense attorney who was kicked off the bench after one day on the job as judge, for recusing himself from drug cases. Brightbill is willing to take help from more lawyers, as making a strong constitutional case will be challenging, and that could run into some serious cash ... but there are grounds on which to challenge the Ohio law (not to mention the bungled procedure of the traffic stop), so this could actually turn into a big win for RKBA. Hunter is seriously thinking about liquidating his house and assets and pouring everything into a strong constitutional challenge to the Ohio law.

If you would like to help, has volunteered to accept funds into a legal defense fund for Hunter and manage the account. They'll be setting up a web page soon to take donations online, but folks who would be sending a check can do so already by sending them to:

Keep And Bear Arms PMB # 141
15201 N Cleveland Ave.
North Fort Myers, FL 33903-2715
(239) 560-7566
Checks should be made out to, with a note in the memo field or attached letter stating that they are for "Hunter's Defense".

We'll update this project as the case progresses. Questions and press inquiries may be directed to .
Please spread the word. We want to teach the Bad Guys a lesson with this one!

Thanks for reading, caring, and taking a stand for freedom,


(Don Lobo Tiggre & Sunni Maravillosa
Founders, Liberty Round Table)


posted by Vetzine


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