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Friday, April 16, 2004

Justice For Janie

From: "marie wray"
Date sent: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 14:54:42 -0700


In 1989, Olivia Jane (Janie) Ward, age 16, allegedly died from a
fall off a 9.5 inch high porch at a school orientated class party at
a residence on a mountain top. (Zack Ridge, Searcy County, Arkansas).
Drugs and alcohol were made available at this party by adults. Dr.
Fahmy Malak determined in the original death certificate that the
immediate Cause of Death was "upper spinal cord and neck injury"
occurring when she "landed on her neck in an unknown fashion."

Dr.Malak listed the injury on autopsy report as being a "Hyper-
extension injury, that Janie's head came back so far that her skull
cracked the 2nd vertebra" The two witnesses that claim she fell off
this little 9.5 inch high porch stated that Janie fell backwards
landing on her BACK. One of these witnesses was a young 23 year old
felon on parole in Oklahoma .He is the one that supplied the two kegs
of beer for this party.[This is a known fact, his name shows on a
receipt from the liquor store, in case file} No charges filed against
him for contributing to minors

The other witness that claimed she fell off this porch was known to
sell drugs. Then there is the rich and powerful District Judge's
daughter that states that" Janie just twisted and folded up and fell
to the ground real easy" Other witnesses state they didn't see Janie
fall they had their backs turned and it sounded like she ran into
something turned around and she was lying on the ground.
--------------------------------------------- -----------------

The Judge's daughter has a history of violent behavior just a few
months before Janie's death, she beat and stomped another class mate
, breaking her nose. The parents pushed for assault charges but the
Prosecutor refused to file any charges. After Janie's death she beat
another girl so bad she was put in a hospital those parents couldn't
get anything done either.

Unquestioned witnesses related to the parents that Ms. Ward had died
after being assaulted, beaten, and put in the river, and that a male
subject had been shot in the same altercation. - but no record of
this shooting incident was made. We have interviewed the Deputy on
the case, and the shooting victim's cousin and are convinced this
occurred and was covered up. This occurrence would also require
pages of data. All EMS reports for these two responses were allegedly
"stolen" in a reported burglary at the Ambulance Base. (Known at the
Ambulance Service as: "Run reports - documents # 29 and # 30".) ------

Ms. Ward's parents pushed for more investigation. Eventually Drs.
Graham and Krause were brought in by Governor Clinton to review the
cases Malak had ruled on, when the performance of the Medical
Examiner's office came under fire in general - and not specifically
for the Ward case.

Upon review of the Ward case, the original Death Certificate was re-
issued to show that the Cause of Death and Manner of Death were both
"Undetermined". Letters were sent to law enforcement authorities by
the State, to advise that the cause of death had not been determined.
A normally done, and reasonable, path of action would have been to
continue with the investigation. This was not done. Drs. Graham and
Krause stated to the press that the Cause of Death was more
consistent with drowning than a fall, and they were both in agreement
that: "Out of all of Malak's cases that we reviewed, the Ward case
was the most eye-opening".

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Harry Bonnell concurred when he reviewed
the case for POMC (Parents of Murdered Children) SOS (Second Opinion
Service). He stated in his report that: " I have reviewed the
materials provided. There is no objective evidence to substantiate
the allegation that this young woman suffered a fatal injury by
falling off a porch less than one foot high. The presence of dirt and
muck on her pants is inconsistent with such a history; however, this
finding, as well as the paramedic description of sand beneath her
clothing and her clothing being wet, is perfectly consistent with
drowning, as alleged by the parents.

The findings described in the autopsy report are also consistent with
drowning, which is a diagnosis of exclusion, ie. no other cause of
death determined. Missing evidence, changed clothing and multiple
other discrepancies dictate that this death investigation must be re-
opened. Perhaps some of the witnesses will have experienced an
“attack of conscience” as they have approached adulthood with
children of their own.

In 2001 Inv. Richard Walter of the VIDOCQ SOCIETY, in Philly, Penn.
and affiliated with P.O.M.C came to Searcy County, Arkansas to get
the truth in the Janie Ward Case . Mr. Walter in fact made two trips
here to Searcy County, Ark. The Arkansas State Police refused to work
with Mr. Walter. He left telling that Janie's death was indeed a
homicide and that it was a political cover up. (the Ark. Demo crate
Gazette did quite a story on Walters and the Janie Ward Case)

June 10,2002 the Searcy County Quorum Court (all nine Justices of the
Peace voted unanimously) to send Governor Mike Huckabee a resolution
to appoint a special task force to re-open and investigate the
unsolved (Sept. 9, 1989) death of Olivia Jane Ward. Statements within
the resolution included the following: Resolution no. 2002-4

On Sept. 9, 1989 Olivia Jane Ward met a very suspicious and untimely
death. Due to the extreme trauma to the body, it appears to be a
probable homicide. Several unusual events happened and a lengthy
time elapsed before the death was reported to the coroner and law
enforcement. Several documents are believed to have been tampered
with, those including x-rays that had been replaced with those of a
male. The Searcy County Quorum Court respectfully petitions Governor
Mike Huckabee to appoint a special task force in which Investigator
Richard Walter from the Vidocq Society may be permitted to assist
with the investigation of the death of Olivia Jane Ward, with the
hope and expectation that the truth be known and that justice might
finally prevail.

Sept. 13-2002 letter of response to Searcy County Quorum Court's
Resolution no. 2002-4 from Governor Huckabee's law enforcement
advisor after talking with The Prosecutor and Investigator ( Yes the
same Prosecutor and Investigator that refused to do anything, or
press charges of any-kind in Janie's Case) I am sorry that this
letter does not serve notice that your request is being honored for
re-opening of the investigation. However, it is the opinion of those
with whom the information rests that there is not any justification
to re-open this investigation.

At least three witnesses, who had been identified supporting the
events on the river, were never questioned. We have documents in
which they were identified to the Prosecutor in charge, who refused
to take action. As late as a few months ago (Nov. 10, 2003), the
Prosecutor's office threatened the Quorum Court that they, and Searcy
County, could be sued if they tried to get another autopsy. (This is
on record and we also have this on tape) Why the threats and
continued inaction? The local Judge's daughter has always been one
of the prime suspects in the case.

Our investigation has yielded statements that indicate Janie was
attacked by several girls while on a river gravel bar frequented by
swimmers and partiers. This site is located some six linear miles
from the mountain top where she allegedly fell. The "girl fight"
reportedly got out of control and several adult males got into the
affray. One version indicates Ward was struck by a vehicle while she
was being chased, as well as being struck by a board used as a club.

One male trying to protect her was shot. Ward, believed to be dead,
was thrown in the river. Then she was hauled to the mountain top
residence, where the alleged fall story was worked up. A witness
reported seeing the Judge's daughter in the back of a pick-up truck
at the sheriff's office saying, repeating "My daddy will get me out
of this." After the alleged fall from the porch Witnesses have stated
that she lay there on the ground for quite a while 20-40 minutes then
she was loaded in the back of a pickup truck "no blanket, sheet or
pillow" and transported approximately 5mi. to town. , taken to a car
wash and sprayed clean with a pressure washer, and then EMS was

EMS made no attempt to revive, reporting her body cold and without
vitals. EMS reports and records of both the shooting victim and Ward
were stolen in a "burglary" soon after. Only those records were
taken. No police report exists on the shooting. That witness /
victim was forced to leave the state immediately after treatment. ---

When advised by the Arkansas Crime Lab that the Death Certificate was
being changed to "Undetermined", neither the Sheriff nor the
Prosecutor would continue the investigation.

In view of the controversy that still surrounds this case, the
destruction of evidence, and refusal of law enforcement to
investigate further, it is the parent's desire to exhume the body -
which is now the only remaining part of the "crime" scene - to try
and determine the actual cause of death. We suspect Ms. Ward was
drowned in an attempt to dispose of her unconscious body in the

Based on witness statements and opinions presented by reviewing
pathologists, the possibility of drowning as a Cause of Death is
quite high, even if a spinal injury existed. A survey of the river
indicates a rich diatom population and based on monitoring in past
years, there seems to be little indication that the seasonal
populations have varied significantly in the past fifteen years. We
have obtained samples of the aquatic flora in winter and recovered a
high density of diatoms. Therefore we suggest that if nothing else
can be learned by revisiting the body, the elimination or
confirmation of death by drowning using diatoms as an indicator has a
high probability of success.

The Arkansas State Crime Lab provided a bogus X-ray to cover a neck
injury so severe that c2 and c3 vertebrae were completely separated.
A second autopsy of the body appears to be the only way to prove or
disprove these allegations. X-ray viewed by (4) four forensic
pathologists,( showing no neck injury), have stated that in their
opinion that said X-ray is not of the Ward girl but that of a male.
(2) of those Dr. Harry Bonnell and Dr. Ken Baden have stated that
in their opinion a black male.

Specific flora found on the river bank was reported by EMS
technicians to be on the body and clothing when they first observed
it. As of this date, all request for the return of the victim's
clothing has been refused, even though they were not held as
evidence. This occurred when the parents indicated that they wanted
the clothes for analysis. The absence of these items leaves us with
only the trace evidence still on or in the body.

Paleo-botanists suggests that since it is now possible for spores,
pollen and other plant material to be genetically traced back to a
very specific locale, enough material may still be present in and /
or on the body to indicate if Janie had in fact been at and / or in
the river near the time of death.

Given that the State (read the local political machine) have
repeatedly refused any attempt to re-open this case, the parents are
committed to pursuing a private autopsy. The main priority is to
finally determine the Cause of Death to give the family closure. (And
"Homicide", "Accidental", "Natural Cause", "Suicide", etc.) A large
body of evidence indicates this was in fact a homicide.

As the parent's resources are limited and the State of Arkansas will
not perform a 2nd autopsy on Janie Ward the parents Are asking that
you good people HELP them in getting a 2nd autopsy. In return you
have the Story credit of applying science to law enforcement for
Justice, In the very controversial Janie Ward Case. Help us get
Justice For Janie and make Searcy County, Arkansas a better place for
all. Janie's parents and friends and those who want to tell the

The truth will set you free.

IF interested please contact Ron and Mona Ward
870-448-5218 email

We need an attorney willing to donate some of their free time to help
us. Marie Wray at 870-447-2828
We need experts to help us, please if you think you might be able to
assist us, please call us,

Justice for Janie 870-447-2828 cell 870-448-6662

posted by Vetzine


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