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Monday, July 26, 2004

Voices of America Fight4Terri
~ ~ ~
Write  your opinions or dedications and have them read on weekly world wide internet radio.

~Voices of America  Fight4Terri~

America  here is your chance. Speak out now!

Email Cheryl @  
your opinions or dedications about Terri or others who you have  personally known who have experienced situations similar to Terri's.

Opinions  or dedications must be kept to 100 words or less and must include your name and State.

Every Thursday,  at 10 am Central time on "These Orwellian Times" broadcast, hear your comments or dedications read on worldwide internet HTTP://WWW.CRUSADERADIO.COM

Donations are appreciated and  accepted for Voices of America Fight4Terri  and can be made at Terri's website
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