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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Guilty Of "Ownlife"

Judith Moriarty>
I think you might find this of interest! If it werent so god awful serious this ridiculous scenario of targeting everyone BUT terrorists might be laughable! As it is, these mutant, couch potatoes playing comic book heroes is frightening. MIKE, age 86! God if the man did indeed lunge at anyone its a wonder he didn't break his hip€¦.and should receive some sort of medal. jm

One doesn't do summers in NH, it's a continual (by the few), battle against the latest lies-rip-off-privatization of water-incineration-millions of tons of garbage dumped in the northern forests-and fleecing the poorest of the poor. This picture was speaking at the phony NH Public Utilities Commission Public Hearing (which we INSISTED ON) ----these things are all theater-but you do what you can. The permits-deals are already in the bag---these hearings, appeals, all mere technicalities-theater. I should do a story for you on
adventures in corporate trough world with the slop tending politicians! jm

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