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Monday, August 30, 2004

Schiavo v Bush
simulcast information

The following is information about web and television simulcast of oral arguments in Schiavo v Bush. The oral arguments are scheduled for tomorrow, August 31, 2004 at 9.00 am ET (GMT -5). This information was taken from the Supreme Court's Special Procedures Order available on their web site here:

Netcasts of Oral Arguments.
The Schiavo case will be broadcast in its entirety in RealPlayer and Windows Media formats on the broadcast website maintained by Florida State University through WFSU/The Florida Channel as part of its contract with the Court ( WFSU has arranged to expand its available bandwidth for this event in anticipation of demand. The media and the public are advised that Web broadcasts cannot be considered reliable and may fail if demand exceeds capacity. The most reliable means of watching the case live is on The Florida Channel, which is available via many cable companies in Florida.

C-SPAN-2 has indicated that it may broadcast the Schiavo case live, but has not confirmed at the present time (Note: C-SPAN-2 has now confirmed that they will air this simulcast).

Distribution of Documents.
Electronic copies of all documents will be placed on the Supreme Court websites located at: and

Anyone seeking documents should attempt to get them from the two websites above before seeking paper copies.

Other notes:
Real Player can be downloaded free of charge on
Windows Media Player is available on
Listings for C-SPAN-2 can be found on

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