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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


OPERATION BOYCOTT FLORIDA (unless folks are coming here to help Terri's Fight.)

56 thousands voters know what's going on here. They voted for JAN GOVAN, District 18. Had he won, Greer would have been defeated!

Greer, Terri's starvation judge won last night. Voters for Greer THINK they know what's going on here. But, now they've endorsed state sponsored murder by their votes and even though the deck was stacked against GOVAN, 56 thousand voters got it right.

Terri is loved and endorsed by God but IGNORANCE ENDORSED GREER.

Country Club Republicans Voted Against Life

The GOP pro-life platform was a scam to raise money. IMO, it was mail fraud for the local GOP to endorse Greer in a mailer that may have targeted seniors with a glossy ad that read on one side "The verdict is in..." . The Pinellas GOP are not judges but it sure looks like they tried to deceive somebody.

Further, they even had Greer talking points when I called them yesterday at 727-539-6009. Their operator stated that there was "clear and convincing evidence" and also that Judge Greer followed the laws in effect at the time." Very suspect!

Did they endorse him and also act as his agent when fielding phone complaints about their endorsement last week? WAS THAT LEGAL?

Keep calling that number to complain because we don't know how many republicans that mailer went to. If we keep calling them, they are on the phone talking about their betrayal instead of about the November 2, 2004 race.

The Florida GOP MUST PAY for not warning the Pinellas-Pasco GOP to steer clear of endorsing either GREER or GOVAN. Our County HQ endorsed starvation. Starvation is murder.

Jeb Bush is the leader of the Florida Republican Party. How can he fight for Terri's Law in Tallahassee yesterday but not have any control over the Pinellas Cty Republican Party who endorsed Terri's starvation that could lead to murder?

BOYCOTT FLORIDA unless it's for Terri.

Florida should pay a MONETARY PRICE for WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO i.e. the torture of Terri and due to all the Republicans trying to starve Terri Schindler-Schiavo or ENDORSING it, and for the emotional abuse - considerable and unimaginable of her real family.

When will Florida learn???

When will more people join Terri's Fight?

Nancy K
Life long Republican no more

posted by Vetzine


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