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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Supremes Decide To Kill Terri

They Killed Her Cats
They Melted Down Her Rings And Things
Now They Come To Kill Terri
If They Can Kill Terri
They Can Kill You
Fight For Terri's Life
Fight For Your Life
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Thursday September 23, 2004 Printer friendly version Email to a friend


Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Law
Protecting Disabled Terri Schiavo from Starvation

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL, September 23, 2004 ( - The
Florida Supreme Court ruled unanimously today to strike down Terri's
Law which protected disabled Florida woman Terri Schiavo from her
estranged husband's order to have her feeding tube removed. The law
,passed by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Jeb
Bush,was ruled by the justices to be a violation of the separation of
powers between the courts and the legislature.

The ruling notes that an appeal must be filed within ten days.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) said the ruling should have no
affect on Terri Schindler-Schiavo's fundamental right to live. "It
shouldn't take extraordinary laws to protect a woman's right to
receive food and water," said Wendy Wright, CWA's senior policy
director. "Regardless of what the Supreme Court rules or the opinion
of her wayward, adulterous husband, Terri deserves the right to

Putting the situation into context, CWA described Terri's estranged
husband. "Michael Schiavo won a lawsuit granting him a large sum of
money based on his claim that he would care for Terri in her disabled
state. As soon as the money was in the bank, he began advocating for
the right to starve her to death," said Wright.

Michael Schiavo has been co-habiting with another woman and has two
children by her. "It is highly questionable that Michael Schiavo has
been permitted to retain legal custody over his wife in the first
place when he clearly has a conflict of interest," said Wright.
"Michael Schiavo can hardly have his wife's best interest in mind
when he is on a crusade to kill Terri by removing her feeding tube
and starving her to death."

See the ruling online at:

"In the Courts, the Facts and the Law do not matter"
-- Atty Linda Kennedy

posted by Vetzine


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