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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Leanne Wylet

Wednesday September 29 04

Leanne Wylet of PFAM

PfAM is Advocacy, Access, Accountability
-- supporting Freedom of Choice in Health Care.

PfAM is an all volunteer, grassroots organization operated solely from
subscribers/members to our quarterly newsletter The Patients' Voice,
advertisers, donations, sponsors, consultation fees and the sale of

Topic Free Trade Of The Americas

Time 10am Central Time
On These Orwellian Times
Broadcast by Crusade Radio


"These Orwellian Times" Airs:
11am - 12am Eastern time
10am -11am Central time
9am -10am Mountain time
8am - 9am Pacific time

Monday through Thursday at
Crusade Radio
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"We are living in a world in which nobody is free,
in which hardly anybody is secure,
in which it is almost impossible to be honest
and to remain alive -- George Orwell

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