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Monday, September 13, 2004

Unethical Conduct

On Aug. 2, claimed Warrensburg town justices Mindy Fisk and Richard Nissen filed a certificate of disqualification with the Warren County Court (after John Hall improperly asserted himself into the case without assigned "judge" Felix Catena's knowledge).

Now the court has ordered me to appear on Sept. 22.

You know that absurd saying "THEY CAN'T DO THAT!!!". well, these jokers did.

Admitted their conflicts and prejudice and now has unbelieveable ordered me to appear before them for some unstated reason.

Remember the date-----be there---let's tell the court,

Warren County and special prosecutor Mary Moule it's time this madness and abuse of power stopped.

This is pure harassment by the court system in total absence of jurisdiction. This whole thing originated as a petty, absurd, facially insufficient charge of harassment in 1998-----so who's harassing who?

Looks like it's the Warren County court system is the one doing the harassing and it's very unsettling that these jokers obviously don't know the law that they are charged to administer----or else simply don't care what it is. As one judge was heard to say, the law is what I say it is----fortunately that judge is no longer on the bench, ruled unfit for judicial office by the Court of Appeals.

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