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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Judge Orders Disabled Veteran Killed

Following the lead of Florida's pseudo* judge George Greer, who has ordered the Torture-Killing of Terri Shindler, Orange Circuit Judge Lawrence Kirkwood has ordered the Torture-Murder of a Disabled American Veteran, Hanford Pinette, at Orlando's Lucerne Hospital now aspiring to be Lucerne Abattoir.

The formula for the State Ordered Killing is the same in both cases.
The family gives evidence that the patient is cognizant. The Court determins their victim is in a "vegitative state"
and insists on the death penalty.

"Pinette's wife of 50 years testified Tuesday that she continues to communicate with her husband, who is alert and responsive when he wants to be.."

The Judge said kill him.

"Alice Pinette said, as recently as Sunday, her husband was watching football. On Monday, she said, he told family members who recently had shot a deer to "save me a steak."

The judge said kill him.

"Pinette showed pictures of a seemingly alert and responsive Hanford Pinette in his hospital bed"

The judge said kill him.

"Hanford Pinette IS COMMUNICATING to his wife NOW that he wishes to LIVE!
On the news last night, Tuesday, November 23, 2004, at 11 P.M. Hanford's wife, Alice, stated that Hanford asked for a wheelchair and to be taken home! The news also showed a picture of him wearing his
Veterans of War cap and smiling at his wife happily. His wife, Alice stated how happy it made him to wear
the cap. He looked totally happy and definitely conscious to me! Here is the picture I found online of this:
-- Melissa Stanley

The State Of Florida Is Opening The Killing Fields
David L. Evans, Orlando Regional Healthcare's lawyer said he did not expect the Pinette case to generate the legislative or political action that has surrounded the battle about Terri Schiavo.
Will you speak up now or in silence await the knock of The Death Cult on your door?

Pinette, a Korean War veteran retired with 26 years of military service

Where is the VFW ?
# FLORIDA : (352) 622-5126

Where is the American Legion ?
The National Commander National Commander's Office (317) 630-1200
Click here to contact

Where is the DAV ?
National Headquarters
3725 Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076
Phone: (859) 441-7300

Where is Florida Governor Jeb Bush ?
phone: 850-488-7146
email: or
fax: 850-487-0801 or 850-922-4292
Press Secretary - phone: 850-488-5394
Assistant Donovan Brown - phone: 850-410-0501

For more information on the killing of this vet contact
Melissa Stanley

posted by Vetzine


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