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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Najwa Cryderman

Najwa Cryderman had seen the DFS/CPS in action before so she was prepared for the raid on her home
when they came to take her baby. She had a cam-corder rolling. She filmed the Jackbooted Thugs
kicking down her door without a warrant. They seized her 3 day old baby.

The local newspaper published the pictures of the Police Crime on the front page.
Stung at the public disclosure of their real nature, the DFS/CPS and the Police turned on
Najwa Cryderman. They tried repeatedly to frame her on bogus drug charges.
Mrs Cryderman was repeatedly tested by the Police Labs for drugs. They found drugs.
But each time, Cryderman wad immediatly tested by indipendent labs. They Found NO drugs.
The most damning example of the rigged tests occured when they tested the hair of the wig she was wearing.
They found Drugs. They not yet announced the arrest of the wig maker

Now 3 month old Baby Chris Cryderman is dead at the hands of the State

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